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Sep 9, 2006 06:50 PM

Walking from Newark Penn Station to Ironbound

My wife and I were impressed by the CH postings for Casa Vasca in the Ironbound. We have a 7 hour layover at Newark Airport and want to go to Penn then walk to Casa Vasca. We will be carrying our carry on bags since Liberty does not allow them to be stored. Since we will be obvious out of towners, will the route to Casa Vasca and back to Penn be reasonable safe? We know nothing about the neighborhood.

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  1. You will be as safe as you would be in most urban areas. However, the distance might be further than you would want to walk while carrying bags. I would suggest a cab from the airport to the restaurant, and then back to the airport.

    Also, Casa Vasca is known for having fairly close quarters. Unless your carry-ons are very small, you could wind up blocking the one very narrow aisle in that restaurant.

    1. Thank you for your information. We will be only carrying one small bag each not weighing very much nor to large.

      1. Though I agree with what Ted says, I've never considered the Ironbound section, which is where Casa Vasca is located, to be particularly dangerous. We've only driven directly from our house to Casa Vasca, but looking at Mapquest, the distance from Newark's Penn Station to the restaurant is a little less than a mile and is a very straightforward, easy walk.

        Directions: The station is at Raymond Plaza, near Market St. Go east on Market to Congress St., turn right and take Congress to Elm St., where you make a right. Casa Vasca is at 141 Elm.

        You don't say what day of the week you are doing this, or whether it's for lunch or dinner. In any event, since Casa Vasca is very popular, be sure to call for reservations. Tel.: 973-465-1350


        1. The neighborhood is quiet safe and usually quite busy and filled with people. (The colorful characters are an experience all by themselves).

          Consider a taxi (you can get one right outside Penn station and save money rather than from the airport) if the weather is bad, its not "TOO" close but certainly not far and would be a nice stroll if the weather is nice.

          And yes, the food is really good.

          1. We are going to arrive at Liberty from L.A. at approx. 12:30. I think we will get to Casa Vasco at about 3:00 which will be a late lunch or early dinner. It will be on a Sunday. Do you feel reservations will be necessary for two?