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Sep 9, 2006 06:24 PM

Bánh mì in Greater Phoenix

Ive been on a Vietnamese kick for some time and it all started with Bánh mì. We were in SF a few years back and went to a place called Saigon Sandwich, been addicted ever since.

Ive been to several places around the valley, Tea Light Cafe, Da Vang, Thao's Sandwich Shop and Lee's Sandwiches. I'm wondering if anyone has found any great Bánh mì in the valley that might be a nice change from the standards? Maybe wash it down with a Bubble Tea?

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  1. Saigon Healthy Deli on Mill Avenue in Tempe used to make a variety of these sandwiches quite well. Unfortunately, the restaurant changed ownership after a few years of operation and was never the same. I don't know if it's even open any more.

    1. The location Healthy Saigon used to be in is now Long Wong's.

      1. I feel your pain... spent some time in San Jose this summer and had amazing banh mi.

        You mentioned Tea Light already... I had a "pretty good" bbq beef sandwich there the other day, but the balance of flavors just isn't quite right, something's missing and I'm not sure what it is. Well one thing that's missing is a thin-sliced jalapeño, ... banh mi are also often spread with pate in addition to the filling, that was MIA as well...

        That said AVOID AVOID the pork ball banh mi at Tea Light. It comes slathered with a sickly sweet "bqq" sauce and is totally off the mark. Maybe it would be OK if one were to ask them to hold the sauce, as I do like the cured pork balls over vermicelli that they serve there.

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          I agree Pincho, the pork ball wasn't all that to me either.. Tea Light was so-so.. found it actually to be a bit on the dirty side, LOL!

          There's a little Vietnamese bakery at Broadway and Dobson (South of Broadway).. cant remember the name right now.. they not only used chile's but also used pate! though I think they used Miracle Whip instead of mayo which was a slight turn off.. next time I would prefer no mayo/whip on my sammie!

          1. re: xanderbear

            Will have to check that place out... ! Always up for more banh mi. Thanks for the tip.

        2. Sorry, I don't know specifically about Bánh mì, but there's a good Vietnamese place, Maxim's, just North of 19th Ave and Osborn Rd on the West side of 19th. Try it out.