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Sep 9, 2006 06:08 PM

Is it better for just one partner to be the cook?

Do you and your SO share the cooking responsibilities? Do you cook together or on separate nights? Do you prefer to be with someone that stays out of the kitchen?

My experience has been I rather prepare something w/out getting constant commentary during the process,but I do also enjoy being cooked for. What about you, chowhounds?

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  1. My husband taught me to cook and I think our best times are when we're getting in one another's way in the kitchen. I just love cooking with that man.

    1. My husband has an annoying habit of adding ingredients to the dishes I fix. Corn to a fish taco or mushrooms to a pasta sauce. It drives me crazy! But he gives me puppy-dog eyes if I complain. Maybe one cook, at least one at a time, is best.

      1. A good question, and one I've thought a lot about. I spent about 6 years dating a chef and feeling marginalized in the kitchen. His approach was very restaurant and mine was more "my grandma taught me this..." Now I'm married to a man who is newish to cooking. I've had a chance to learn a lot about food and cooking (even perfecting techniques learned from the Dominant Chef) and have reclaimed the kitchen. My husband has learned as well and has become quite deft behind the stove. We find it's best for someone to take the lead on a given night-- if he's planned the meal, I'll play sous chef and vice versa. That has worked for us thus far...

        1. What an interesting topic! Hmm, my husband is a good cook, but he doesn't enjoy it. So the (rare) times he does, it's really such a treat to have a meal cooked for me. OTOH, I do love to cook and two of us could never fit in our tiny Boston galley kitchen. And, as I'm a messy cook, we co-exist happily with me being the chef and he the clean-up crew.

          1. Hubby & I trade off duties. If he's in charge I sous and clean and vice versa. We inspire each other creatively and have both become better cooks because of this. We get along famously in our teeny kitchen since we know it's the builder's fault it's small, not ours. I don't even have to turn around or reach to hand him anything. I think of our times together in the kitchen as a microcosm of our relationship.