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Sep 9, 2006 05:04 PM

Coming to Boston. Expense account dinners needed. and GOOD & fast lunches

Hi all. Staying at the park plaza. 3 nights of dinners needed & will have 4-8 people each night. Don't mind a cab ride to the North End one night, but would prefer to walk or short cab the other 2.

No capital grill, smith & W or any chains we can get at other cities. No Vinny Testas either.

Is Legal any good or Is Turner Fish better?

Lucca? Grill 23?

Any good quality lunch spots near the park plaza? Again, no chains please..... (unless local and outstanding)


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  1. Hmm, expense account? Excellent, Smithers.

    I'd go to Clio one night for the tasting menu, Sage, Taranta, or La Galleria 33 in the North End on another night, then get your seafood fix at B&G Oyster (South End), Neptune Oyster (North End), or East Coast Grill (Cambridge).

    1. I wholeheartedly agree with Clio. Definitely a great expense account spot. B&G Oysters is a small place in the South End which is quite close to the Park Plaza. I'm not sure I'd go there with 8 people but with 4 you can make a reservation the day of. I'd definitely go here over Legal or Turner. In the North End, I love Sage as well but it's also a smaller spot and I'm not sure they can accommodate a big group, but Prezza, also in the North End certainly can.

      1. Parish Cafe would be good for interesting sandwiches. Davio's for a fancier lunch and they've got a nice bakery open til about 3 or 4. Chinatown isn't far. I know there's a deli in the building across from Park Plaza but not sure what people say about it.

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          1. Mistral is very close (just up Columbus past Berkeley) and best suited to expense accounts considering most of the dishes are somewhat over-priced. Get a reservation. I love the foie gras & duck confit app and the 1/2 duck with risotto.


            If you're talking expense account lunch, No 9 Park is just a short walk across the Boston Common.

            For a quick lunch, Rachel's Kitchen is nearby as well. I like their reuben and they also have good breakfast sandwiches.