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Sep 9, 2006 04:47 PM

Le Pamphlet Closed For Renovations - Help!

Hi, I just received an e-mail back from the Concierge at our hotel that Le Pamphlet is closed for renovations. So much for all my research! We are leaving tomorrow and I am down to these two: Le Dauphin or Le Reminet. Food and atmosphere are both important but I'd say we'd definitely put more emphasis on the food. Thanks!! Claire

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  1. There are many modern valule bistro similiar to Le Pamphlet:
    L'Epi Dupin in the 6th
    Chez Michel, 10e
    Dame Jeanne 11e
    Astier, 11e
    L'Avant Gout, 13e
    La Cerisaie, 14e
    Le Regalade, 14e
    L’Os A Moelle, 15th
    I've had good meals in all of the above. I do like Le Pamphlet because it is more comfortable than most of the above and the service is not as rushed.

    1. I think I read that the people at Le Pamphlet have opened a baby bistrot just down the street--you could check. Of the two you mentioned I would chose Le Reminet. It's consistantly good and its location is very nice. Also, I think Le Viel Ami on Ile St. Louis is fun and good.

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        Has anybody been to Le Viel Ami since their chef change?

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          OH VERY interested - what is this about a chef change at Mon Viel Ami? We went three times in 05 and loved it. We have been once in 06 and it was a disappointment - short uninteresting menu and bland rather vegetably food. We've been trying to gather our courage to find out whether this was an aberation or a permanent decline. Please advise. Thank you.

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            I went there on a Sunday night last October and had the same impression as you. The menu had very few choices and I thought it was because the kitchen was running out of food after a busy weekend. I had to wait 45 minutes for my 9:30 reservation. There was a shortage of service personel and the chef had to come to bus tables. The food was decent but it seems like the whole restaurant was out of sync. I just chalked it up as them having a bad night.

      2. I have eaten at both Le Dauphin, a larger more "brasserie" type of atmosphere, and Le Reminet, a jewel of a chef-owned bistro, and love both. You will not go wrong at either.

        1. I hope that is just a bad rumor. I called last week and have reservations for Monday dinner. Could be a Chez Denise night if that's true.

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            The original post is one year old. I believe Le Pamphlet have reopened.

            1. re: PBSF

              How funny. I saw the sep 10 and blew right by the year. sorry all.

              1. re: Phil W

                Yup, reno should be long done.