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Sep 9, 2006 04:39 PM

Sweet Melissa to open Sept 13th in Park Slope

Just passed by and the sign is out - Sweet Melissa to open it's doors at 7:30 AM on Wed September 13th.

7th Ave between 1st and 2nd - east side of street next to laundromat.

Delicious pastries, and a tea shop and morning coffee.

Finally a great baker on 7th Ave!

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  1. Went by today - everything looks lovely, but $3.25 for a cup of cafe' Americano???? And $6 for a little tart??? Hugely overpriced. And the Stroller Brigade is already there in force, so don't think it will be a relaxing experience to linger in the place ...

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      Just a comment on the Stroller Brigade (of which I used to be a member): Given Sweet Melissa's proximity to PS 321, and given that Carvel/Mojo Cafe has closed, there will definitely be a lot of parental traffic at Sweet Melissa's. Most moms are probably going to go there with a little one at around 9:00 a.m., aftr they drop off their older child at school, and/or go with their kids at 3:00 for an after-school snack (albeit an expensive one). So, if you want to avoid parents/kids, you might have better luck going in the late morning, early afternoon, or evening.

    2. I went to the new Sweet Melissa's today and was not overwhelmed. For $11.50 I bought a chocolate mousse for my husband and the rasberry-passion fruit parfait for myself. The chocolate mousse was good, but not spectacular. The parfait was ok, I just thought the fruit was a little too sweet in a cough syrup way. I have never been to the original location, so I can't compare the two. IMO it's not any better or worse than Cousin John's.

      1. Finally went to the 7th Ave location today and thought it was great. We purchased 1 pan au chocolate and 1 double baked brioche with cherries (total bill $5.25). We took them home, heated them in the oven, and then said wow. We see why they call this a patisserie. Really quality goodies and what we thought were very reasonable prices. The shop is very roomy and also has an outdoor seating area (which wasn't open this morning). The two young men who were staffing the front were very helpful and friendly.