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Sep 9, 2006 04:25 PM

Po coming to Smith Street

Do not know if this has been mentioned, but while eating dinner at Po last night I noticed a sign in the kitchen announcing that they would be opening a second location at 276 Smith Street sometime this fall.

Sounds like a nice addition to the neighborhood.

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  1. Pul-leeze! I like Po fine, but with Taku turning into another Italian place and now this, how many Italian restaurants can the neighborhood support?

    Where the hell is my authentic tacqueria, my pho joint and my Korean BBQ?

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    1. re: Pupster

      Most authentic food tends to be available in a neighborhood where people of that ethnicity live and work.

      1. re: Peter Cuce

        I think he's telling you to go to Sunset Park for Mexican.

        Of course there are some exceptions to the "ethnic food in ethnic neighborhoods" rule. In Manahattan Wu Liang Ye and Szechuan Gourmet sit in generic midtown neigborhoods, but that's unusual.

        In Park Slope I've been waiting 16 years for decent Indian and Chinese food. I'm not optimistic. Instead I expect more fusiony Pan-Asian small plates venues. Sigh.

        1. re: Bob Martinez

          Actually, my final sentence was an allusion to a thread from a few months back.

          Luckily, we still have the choice of French OR Italian in our South Brooklyn area. It's great to have that level of variety!

          1. re: Pupster

            Sort of like that scene in "The Blues Brothers."

            "We have both kinds of music. Country *and* Western."

    2. true, we've got lots of rustic Italian spots in the hood and could use some other options (Korean, etc), but I'll also take Po any day. As much as I love the pastas at Fragole and the cavatelli at Frankie's, Po has got a bit more going on than your standard pasta or red sauce spot. Any good restaurant is welcome in my book.