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Sep 9, 2006 04:22 PM

Simi Valley restaurants

I know restaurants are not that much in favor in Simi Valley but surely there must be a few that offer an acceptable lunch for a favorite aunt and niece. Any suggestions?

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  1. Dakota's isn't bad. They are trying to redo the menu gradually. Remove item likes nachos and wings as apps. They want to be a full blown steak house. The food isn't bad, and the atmosphere is even better.

    There's Johnny Carino's but it's like a Macaroni Grill, I haven't had the food, but I can only imagine it being a restaurant serving stuff that came from Sysco, #10 cans and all.

    1. Simi houses one of our favorites, Red's! On Sycamore and Cochran. My S.O. and I always share a combo with an order of onion strings. Their caesar salad is fab and if you're lucky, you'll arrive on a day when their over sized hot fudge sundaes are complementary. Happy Eating! :) KQ

      2892 Cochran St (In shopping center on S. side)
      Simi Valley
      Phone: (805) 581-9076

      1. Don Cucos is OK...same food as the Burbank location but not as busy or loud.

        1. If you like Thai, try Thai House on Tapo St. Pretty good for Simi.

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