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Sep 9, 2006 04:21 PM

Best Chinese take-out central Phoenix?

looking for recommendations for delivery/take-out Chinese who are around downtown Phoenix - I know that Gourmet House of Hong Kong has been on the top five list in the Republic for ever, but I went there and thought the black bean sauce that was touted to be so wonderful was atrocious.

anyone know the restaurants at COFCO? been to Golden Buddha... very nice.

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  1. I was not impressed by Gourmet House of Hong Kong. I went a few times growing up with my parents, and just returned late last year with my family. The food was ok, nothing spectacular, but I was most turned off by the uncleanliness of the place. The floors were dirty and there were tubs of dirty dishes laying out for everyone to see in the hallway to the bathrooms.

    We found very authentic fish-swimming-in-tanks style at Diamonds on 7th Ave, just north of Indian School. They offer a Vietnamese menu as well, but the emphasis is clearly on seafood.

    For decent American style Chinese, and the only place that delivers to us in central Phoenix, is Siu Wok on Central Ave and Indianola. It's a tiny place right next door to Fez. I drove by last night on my way to AJ's and was happy to see that it looked full. I'm hoping they survive the light rail construction because we need them in the area.

    1. There's a place on 19th Ave and Northern (NW Corner next to Sprouts) called Wahsun.. they have a dish there called Dry Fried Rice Noodle with Beef.. have them add sauce and Chinese broccoli, out of this world! If you decide to go the 'classic' Chinese (sweet and sour, etc) menu is good but look at the traditional menu, she (Rose) has some wonderful things to chose from. Huge portions at good prices. Oh yeah almost forgot, an order of egg rolls is a must try.. the size of a small burritos (seriously) and filled with beef, chicken and shrimp, pretty darn good! Oh yes cash only, uhg!

      1. I love MuShu Asian Grill on Thomas & 15th Ave. Nice neighborhood joint, no nonsense waitstaff and tasty tasty meals at good prices. A revamp of the menu a few months ago added my new fave: thai beef w/ string bean. Yum.

        1. Yow! year-old post! Whoops!

          1. China Chili at 3rd Street and Earll, no question about it.