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Sep 9, 2006 04:15 PM

Best Grocery Stores In TO . . . . Where do you shop?

One of my favourite passtimes is going grocery shopping/food shopping. . . . Just wanted to know where others go to buy there food and browse the aisles . . . . Here are some of my fav's:

- La Rose Bakery (for italian bread/antipasto bar/ Cheese)
- St. Lawrence Market (for steak and everything else delicious)
- Loblaws Superstore (for organic/ health products/produce)
- Asian Grocery Store (Lawrence and Black Creek) - feels like I am in Asia when I go there, definately worth the trip for all those asian ingredients. Highly recommended)
- Dominion (for those packaged staples. . its convenient)

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  1. I eschew aisle-based shopping on my trips to Kensington Market.

    1. I like to shop for small doses often.

      I love:

      Ambrosia Natural Foods
      Big Carrot
      Riverdale Farmer's Market (still a few Tuesdays left before they stop for the year)
      Merchants Of Green Coffee
      If I don't make them myself, sometimes I even go to restaurants for little things like salsa, guacamole, etc instead of buying the inferior grocery store jarred versions.

      Hope this helps

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        How about Lady york and Next to it City fish Great fish

      2. T&T - it's nuts but great fun.

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          I especially love it in the weekends when they have food samples--makes you buy more!!!!!

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                Thanks. Looks great, but I rarely get that far out of the downtown core. (no car)

          1. I think grocery shopping in TO is sadly lacking. Has anyone ever been to Larry's in Seattle? I mean, why can't we have a chain of stores like that here? It blew me away. Makes Loblaws look like a no frills.

            Ziggy's at Y&S used to be great, but they ruined it with "improvements" a few years ago. (I think it's now called the St Clair Market.)

            1. I agree the grocery stores are pretty lame. Typically I pair my shopping each week. I get all that needs to be fresh & flavourful at the St. Lawrence Market. I then gather frozen/dry goods from either the Dominion Front (very bad) or Loblaw's Market (okay, but no great whoop). I've tried to shop at grocery stores alone in the past for the convenience, but it makes for very disappointing dinners. I will say that at least Sobey's carries Alberta lamb, which I find better than Ontario or New Zealand. That takes a certain degree of caring about the products offered, I think.