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Sep 9, 2006 04:08 PM

Looking for weight gain cookbooks and recipes

Recent health problems, now resolved, have left me about 25 pounds under weight. I found one book on Amazon, Eat Up!: The Healthy Weight Gain Cookbook, but it is not availble there or any of the several used book store websites I've checked.

Looking to vary my, olive oil on everything,whey protein in everything, avocado and pistachio nut sandwiches and Ben and Jerry's diet. I know smoothies are one answer but I find them so filling that it is hard to eat the next meal. Part of the problem is my vegitarianism but I've been eating some not farmed fish, some Murray's Chicken and might try some grass fed beef but then these meats are lower in fat too so......


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  1. I think a french pastry cookbook will solve any underweight issues in no time.

    1. I don't know of any cookbooks addressing this issue, doesn't sound like it would be much of a bestseller in this country.
      We all know the fattening foods, and then the more nutritious items.
      It sounds like your appetite is just not there, naturally so since you're carting around 25 less lbs. One surefire way to gain weight is to eat when you are not necessarily hungry.
      Do you like cheese? Do you have any cholesterol issues? Because perhaps a glass of wine and some crackers and cheese before a meal will stimulate your appetite more. Pasta with loads of butter, and then healthier ingredients thrown in... pasta seems to always get people eating more than they should.
      Your lucky to have a license to dessert after every meal, that sure would do the trick. And they can be nut based too if your concerned about "bad" fat. Sugar still goes down easy even if you are full, I guess because it goes strait to your bloodstream.
      ... Just my random ideas here, I hope this helps. I am NOT a registered dietitian though.

      1. Are you really eating whenever you can? The underweight people I know tend to unintentionally skip meals or find they're so busy on the run they can't just grab a bite when they want (and they're healthy eaters so they don't want to stop and buy junk). Then suddenly they realize they need to gain 5-10 lbs.

        Obviously your situation's a little different because you weren't always underweight, but the idea Ida Red has to eat when you're not hungry is a good one. Carry around bags of nuts and protein bars. Schedule yourself to eat something every hour. Add a hundred calories here and there throughout the day and suddenly your intake has gone up by 500. Maybe your health problems have decreased your appetite and you just need to ease back into things.

        I'm trying to think what my friend ate when he was trying to gain back over 40 pounds, but he's a really picky eater so eggs, papayas, and pizza were what he lived on. I think he recently added more things, but I'll ask.

        1. Have you thought of going to a dietician? If you have had a rough time of it, you may need to focus on eating foods rich in certain vitamins and minerals that will build your strength back up and increase your appetite. I'm guessing that this is something you will want to undertake over an extended period of time, otherwise your digestive system might rebel.

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            Or at least look up a book or article on the "superfoods." Here's a list of the world's healthiest foods (meaning they're nutrient dense but easy to come by).


          2. If I needed to gain 25 pounds (a laughable consideration, in light of my genetics, preferred diet, & ethnic food culture), I'd get a Paul Prudhomme cookbook and a deep fryer (one of those self-contained ones won't fog up the whole house). Seriously, fried foods will pack it on without being too terrible for your health if you use non-saturated, non-trans fats for frying. Onion rings, fried eggplant & zucchini, fried oysters tossed in garlic butter & stuffed into buttered french bread, fried sweet potatoes...a deep fryer will turn the most innocuous foods into calorie bombs. And everything is better deep fried, n'est-pas?

            I agree with the previous poster: don't pass up opportunities to eat. Snacking throughout the day will help loads. Figure out what you really like and keep it handy.