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Sep 9, 2006 03:33 PM

lunch in port huron, mi

would like a nice place for lunch in port huron on our way to toronto...not a big lunch just something nice and not too time consuming...thanks

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  1. It's about 40 miles West of Port Huron but I've enjoyed a meal at Lucky's Steak House in Imlay city several times. It is about a half mile North of the interstate on the left hand side. I stop on my way from the UP to Niagara.

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      thanks for your reply...but i don't think we are going that way...we are driving from jackson to toronto via port huron...we used to eat at a place in kokoamo(?) ontario...but it hasn't been great the last few visits...thanks again

    2. I travel to Port Huron (from Toronto) about once a week. There are quite a few places to eat, ranging from traditional diners, the usual fast food outlets and some slightly upscale (but still casual) places. A few suggestions for lunch:

      -Chicken in the Rough -- a classic, this is an old diner that hasn't changed since the '30's, serves pretty excellent fried and bbq chicken, as well as other items, but have the chicken -inexpensive and good.

      -The Raven - a great two-story cafe, serving all kinds of healthy fare, and a great selection of teas and coffees. Comfortable couches upstairs, and free internet to boot.

      Both of the above are on a main thoroughfare - Pine Grove when you come into town. On the same street you will find a number of other choices including a couple of sports bars (ok), a mexican restaurant and an italian restaurant, all serve huge portions at low prices

      -The Maritime Center -- on the river -- anyone can tell you where it is -- it looks like a trailer, but I strongly encourage you to go down there, great views of the river, watch the big steamers and boats go by. There is a little cafe inside offering a variety of pretty good and cheap fare, I particularly recommend the pulled pork sandwich, plus fry truck and ice cream truck parked outside

      If you want to spend slightly more, suggest the Fogcutter restaurant, on top of an office building, great view of the water and pretty good food to boot. Also the restaurant at the Thomas Edison Inn, same great view.

      Hope this helps

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        thank you so much, hogarth...i have read about a few of the places (ads on internet) but it is always better to hear from someone who has been there and especially someone who cares about what he eats...thanks again...will let you know how it goes...