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Sep 9, 2006 02:23 PM

Comments on latest Calphalon series

Is it me or does anyone else miss the old “Professional” hard-anodized series of Calphalon pots/pans??

The new Calphalon One infused anodized series just doesn’t match up to the former with regards to durability and functionality IMO. The Professional series had a straight rim vs the flanged rim of the One series. The tops of the former were flat metal, now they’re either glass or arched. The handles on the Professional were polished stainless steel; now it is brushed. It appears the company made a gradual shift from the “Professional” to “Commercial” and finally to “One.”

You can find hard-anodized aluminum pots in certain restaurant supply stores, but they are really expensive.

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  1. The "flanged" rim is to aid in pouring things from the pan...the older ones were notoriously difficult...can't comment on the rest....