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Sep 9, 2006 08:38 AM

Monterey's Tuesday Market

After lunch on tuesday we headed over to Monterey to look for some pastries. But we soon forgot about that when we discovered the Tuesday market in full swing. The market here has craft vendors, as well as farm booths and many prepared food stands. There were more than 50 food-related stands.

I stopped by Untamed Foods, which is a personal chef service that sells its salsas at the market and online. The bright, fresh flavors popped out. My favorites of the ones I sampled were the Chipotle tomatillo salsa and Kalamata olive tapenade.

Untamed Foods

Chris' Classic Confections had some very nice looking homemade candies. I bought samples the handmade marshmallow (25¢) and the vanilla caramel. When my mother unwrapped the caramel later, she sniffed it and said, "mmmm, real butter and cream, remember when we used to make these?" She thought it was very good. I didn't dare tell her that these cost 75¢ apiece.

Chris' Classic Confections

We also stopped at the Sparky's booth to get a root beer float ($3.50) for my dad who was napping in the car. The stand features Sparky's root beer on tap.

Slideshow -

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  1. Great slideshow, Melanie! Has inspired me to go to the farmer's market this AM!

    Where exactly in Monterey is this market and do you know if it's year-round? How was the marshmallow? I love homemade marshmallows...Do you know which farm was selling those colorful peppers and early girl tomatoes in one of your earlier shots?

    I recognize some of the vendors. Papa Joe's is at the SC Live Oak market on Sundays. I bought alot of clams and mussels from him last year, but haven't gone much to that market this summer.

    I've become less and less enamored w/ Happy Boy, but some of their heirlooms have been good lately.

    I'm surprised to see Glaum eggs there. Those are the eggs sold at Shopper's Corner market and many other groceries in town. While better than your average egg, they're not as good as the eggs from Bob Harris at the Aptos farmer's market. I still have to make it out to their farm in Aptos to buy eggs from their dancing chicken vending machine though...

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      The Market is year around - though not all produce vendors are there year around. It is right in downtown Monterey on Alvarado.

      Also of interest is the Thursday afternoon FM in the MPCC parking lot. Not such a party scene, but many good food vendors including Coke Farms, which is not at the Tuesday market.


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        That was a pretty good marshmallow, nice vanilla flavor, some big bubbles though.

      2. The Thursday Market at Monterey Peninsula College is much much better than the Tuesday downtown market. The Tuesday market is seemingly more of a social scene whereas the Thursday market carries much better produce and you will find stuff at this market that you have probably never even scene before.

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          The Thursday market has a different manager and is a certified farmers market. I haven't been there yet. What I liked about the Tuesday market was the community, social aspect of it and the selection of prepared foods to make an evening of it.