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Sep 9, 2006 05:38 AM

Re: Pappy's Pizza

Does anyone remember "Pappy's Pizza" on Concord Pike in North Wilmington, Delaware? I believe they shut down in the late 70's or early 80's. They had a unique taste - very delicious. I have not been able to duplicate it since.

If anyone knows if "Pappy's Pizza" still exists at another location, please post here. Thanks, in advance.

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  1. I do and there was one in Newark and one on Kirkwood highway.I loved them all as a kid.I think they are all gone,too bad.

    1. There was one in the town where I grew up in PA. They had a big fireplace in the middle of the dining room and a window to the kitchen so you could watch your pizza being made. I loved going there! It was such an old school 80s kind of place...

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        Was that the one in Altoona per chance?

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          YES!!!! Are you from that area?

          I was so sad when it closed. I always wanted to have a birthday party in that party room in the back. One of my friends did and I was so jealous. I also remember they gave kids a styrofoam Pappy's hat. I probably still have one somewhere!

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            Actually my wife is, she was a waitress there in '78 to '79. She's always talked fondly of the place. She grew up just a ways up Plank Rd. Her mom just sold her house and was going to put her "Pappy's" hat in her yard sale.

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              Pappys was my first job way back in 1976 it was in the harrisburg area in colonial park I worked there for 3 years and then the name changed to Sherrys same people owned the place I still miss the place

        2. I don't know the one you are referring to but I remember as a child (in the late 70s) we used to go to one in Salisbury, MD. I remember the Wurlitzer-style juke box and the styro-foam hats (like barbershop quartet hats) they used to give us kids. I thought the pizza was really good too but I was only, like, 6. I have not seen a "Pappy's Pizza" anywhere in a very long time.

          1. Here is a link to a Pappy's pizza that is still open in PA. I too remember going there as a young girl watching them make my pizza. We frequently went to the one in LaVale, MD. Then, after that one closed, we went to the one in Somerset, PA. I loved the unique taste of the pizza there.

            1. There used to be one in Millsboro DE, when I was a kid. I remember really liking the pizza there, and they had those cool arcade games that were like a table. I think the one in Millsboro burned down when I was like 6.