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Re: Pappy's Pizza

Does anyone remember "Pappy's Pizza" on Concord Pike in North Wilmington, Delaware? I believe they shut down in the late 70's or early 80's. They had a unique taste - very delicious. I have not been able to duplicate it since.

If anyone knows if "Pappy's Pizza" still exists at another location, please post here. Thanks, in advance.

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  1. I do and there was one in Newark and one on Kirkwood highway.I loved them all as a kid.I think they are all gone,too bad.

    1. There was one in the town where I grew up in PA. They had a big fireplace in the middle of the dining room and a window to the kitchen so you could watch your pizza being made. I loved going there! It was such an old school 80s kind of place...

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        Was that the one in Altoona per chance?

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          YES!!!! Are you from that area?

          I was so sad when it closed. I always wanted to have a birthday party in that party room in the back. One of my friends did and I was so jealous. I also remember they gave kids a styrofoam Pappy's hat. I probably still have one somewhere!

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            Actually my wife is, she was a waitress there in '78 to '79. She's always talked fondly of the place. She grew up just a ways up Plank Rd. Her mom just sold her house and was going to put her "Pappy's" hat in her yard sale.

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              Pappys was my first job way back in 1976 it was in the harrisburg area in colonial park I worked there for 3 years and then the name changed to Sherrys same people owned the place I still miss the place

        2. I don't know the one you are referring to but I remember as a child (in the late 70s) we used to go to one in Salisbury, MD. I remember the Wurlitzer-style juke box and the styro-foam hats (like barbershop quartet hats) they used to give us kids. I thought the pizza was really good too but I was only, like, 6. I have not seen a "Pappy's Pizza" anywhere in a very long time.

          1. http://www.yelp.com/biz/pappys-family... Here is a link to a Pappy's pizza that is still open in PA. I too remember going there as a young girl watching them make my pizza. We frequently went to the one in LaVale, MD. Then, after that one closed, we went to the one in Somerset, PA. I loved the unique taste of the pizza there.

            1. There used to be one in Millsboro DE, when I was a kid. I remember really liking the pizza there, and they had those cool arcade games that were like a table. I think the one in Millsboro burned down when I was like 6.

              1. I remember one in Delaware, on route 13, south of Wilmington, Smyrna maybe? Or between Smyrna and Dover. On the right if heading South. Loved the place as a kid. I think it did shut down early 80's or so. It had a unique barbershop/godfather type atmosphere. I can still almost remember the unique smell and taste of the pizza.

                1. There was at least one in Hagerstown, MD, in the Valley Mall when it first opened, and one in Frederick, MD, in the Frederick Towne Mall. Like the other locations, these restaurants had the gas-fueled "stone" fireplaces, windowed kitchen where you could watch the dough being tossed, and upright player pianos with pastel-colored keys (kept safe from children's hands by a plexiglass cover). The Pappy's logo was a Vaudeville-like character who was slender with a bulbous, bald head (but hair on the sides) and mustache, wearing a bow-tie, a red-and-white striped vest, and sporting a cane and shaker hat (that the styrofoam hats replicate). The place was a forerunner of Chuck E Cheese in that it was supposed to be a "special good-time place" for kids. I remember the pizza was delicious.

                  In fact, I just got off the phone with the location in Johnstown, PA, which is believed to be the last of the restaurants. The chain reached its heyday in the 1970s, when it had about 80 restaurants. It was begun by a couple in Ocean City, MD. The Johnstown location seems to still be going strong. Roadtrip!

                  Frederick Towne Mall
                  1301 W Patrick St, Frederick, MD 21702