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Chinese cruisine in Northern Delaware

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Can anyone recommend an excellent Chinese restaurant in Northern Delaware (i.e. Brandywine Hundred, Claymont areas)? I am familiar with P.F.Chang's China Bistro on Rt. 1 but that is too far. Thanks, in advance.

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  1. The absolute best, although it is about as far in atmosphere as you can possibly get from PF Chang's, is Shang Hai at 2815 Philadelphia Pike in Claymont. I have written this place up on Chowhound before: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/....

    My Chinese friends in the area are very partial to China Royal (Marsh Rd. just north of Silverside), although I never could figure out why--unless there is a Chinese menu I don't know about, the food seems pretty run-of-the-mill to me.

    There is also Bon House on Kirkwood Highway in Newark. See my post on this restaurant:


    1. Uh-oh...I just posted a response to this on the link to the above post instead of posting it here...Meagan

      1. Thank you, travelmad478, I will try Shang Hai at 2815 Philadelphia Pike in Claymont soon. Seems like I heard about this place a year or two ago but never could find it. I will try again.

        I agree with you about China Royal (Marsh Rd. just north of Silverside). It does seem to be "run of the mill".

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          Just an FYI on the Shang Hi restaurant -- it burned the other afternoon. Fire Chief reported "fire through the roof" when he arrived.

          I don't know when (or if) it will reopen. The paper reported one person at the restaurant received burns.


        2. i think they are good. a bit oily though.

          1. If you want to cross over the State line, Ming Garden in Chadds Ford PA is pretty good