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Sep 9, 2006 05:00 AM

Viet Pho open for business in Carson City

The same man who runs the Viet Pho in Shopper's Square in Reno has opened Viet Pho in Carson City about a block north of U.S. 50 east and North Carson Street.
I stopped there tonight. The menu looks more extensive than the Reno location, which shares space with a Port of Subs sub shop. I ordered pho for dinner with only rare steak for meat. I asked for the Vietnamese sandwiches, but they were out, so I got spring roll instead.
The spring rolls were kind of bland but okay. The brown sauce they served with it for dipping had the consistency of watery refried beans. All in all good but not great spring rolls.
The pho was good. The bowl was large and the broth was tasty. I have two gripes about the pho, though. The main gripe is that the meat was too chewy. I had to chew and chew and chew. A lesser gripe is that they serve few bean sprouts with it. Maybe I got spoiled by the large amount of bean sprouts that you get at Pho 777 in Reno.
The menu is quite extensive and I'll update this post with different dishes I've tried. It's good news the restaurant opened in Carson City.
The best news is that the restaurant that formerly occupied the building, East Ocean, was one of three good Chinese restaurants in Carson City. It's obviously gone now, leaving Panda Kitchen and Beijing Palace as the two best Chinese restaurants in town.
Viet Pho
1214 N. Carson St.
Carson City, NV
Nevada Appeal article on the restaurant

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  1. ....did you mean to say *worst* news? Loosing a good restaurant is always sad :(

    I was going to ask for a rec for an anniversary dinner (don't need fancy, just good) in CC but maybe Viet Pho will do! We often stop at Lucky Pho in Stockton on the way up; their broth is fabulous (grandma's in the kitchen), but their selection of fresh herbs is astounding. Like they were picked just out the back door. Are they good here?

    1. Correct. Bad news losing East Ocean, not best news.

      1. I was in Carson City last night and also noticed the Viet Pho sign...if we hadn't just eaten (at a private event) I might have convinced my hubby to stop!!

        I enjoyed the food the one time I ate at the Shopper's Square restaurant, but frankly, the experience was ruined by a very long wait AND by the pervasive smell of Port of Subs onions. I can't stand that smell!!! I confess that I occasionally get a Port of Subs sandwhich when I'm starving and don't have time for anything else at work (it being just two doors down from my office), but I NEVER eat in the restaurant because the I find the onion smell overwhelming....I'm glad to hear the Viet Pho will be in a location where we can try their food without any distracting smells.....

        1. I went to Viet Pho for lunch yesterday. I ordered lemon grass beef over cold noodles. I again asked for the small Vietnamese sandwiches listed on the menu and they again said they were out, so I got the deep fried eggrolls instead. I also got a glass of lemonade.
          The lemon grass beef was tasty but like the beef in the pho it was tough to chew. That sauce they give with the dish was good. The eggrolls were pretty standard eggrolls. The wweet lemonade was neither lemony nor sweet. IT was also mostly ice.
          So I'm still trying to find the dish they do best.