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Sep 9, 2006 04:34 AM

Vanilla Cafe in Flushing

On Roosevelt between Main street and Prince there were already 3 bakeries...and now, a 4th opened up 2, 3 weeks ago. It has the least variety, but everything is fresh and tasty with real substance.

I had egg tarts here that can almost rival the best in Hong Kong...the custard part is tender, silky, and just the right sweetness.

The Red bean bao's (baked) had really good filling that actually tasted of azuki beans, with some skin and all. Not from a can.

The purple taro balls are full of real frangrant mashed taro covered with a thin soft and crusty outer layer. The mung bean ones are good, too.

The Chicken pie and the curry beef pies were both best I've had from a bakery.

Today I tried the white peanut mochi and the mango mochi. They were soft & cool. The peanut fillings were freshly ground. The Mango fruit fillings had chunks of ripe mango. Not being a mochi person, i was somehow able to enjoy them without feeling the fear of choking.

I hope they keep this high quality baking up.

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  1. I need to correct myself about the chicken pie and curry beef pies...I mean the chicken ROLL and Curry ROLLs with the crusty shell. Those are really good.
    The Chicken Pie that I tried was alright, but a bit sweet in an odd way.