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Sep 9, 2006 03:31 AM

drinks pre-Little Owl?

I will be having dinner at Little Owl next week--meeting someone on the late side (10), and we'll be coming from different parts of town and because of scheduling will probably both arrive in the neighborhood around 9. Looking for a place to have a pre-dinner drink (probably just wine, so a good wine selection by the glass is key) and possibly some small appetizers. Somewhere with a not-too-extreme noise level would be nice. In the past I would have tried Grange Hall. I'm drawing a blank on West Village spots like this. Any suggestions?

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  1. Go to the bar at Mas Farmhouse on Downing ST. next to Blue Ribbon Bakery. They have an excellent wine by the glass selection, and it's quiet and lovely.

    1. The Other Room on Perry Street is nice too.

      1. tia pols not too far..........perry street bar maybe....would say employees only but it gets wary mas' wine list is waay over least 4 times cost.......

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          I agree that Mas is expensive, but if you're only going for a glass or two of wine, it's ok. The pours are generous at least. Most of the late dining options have higher mark-up (Blue Ribbon comes to mind).

          1. re: wdt212

            Thanks for the suggestions--I'm leaning toward Mas. High markup meaning--cheapest glasses would be more than $10-$12? Just wondering.