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Sea Salt . what to order?

Taking out of town guests this weekend to sea salt in Berkeley
What to order . Menu looks great. How is the oyster poorboy? the fish and chips? The trout BLT? Any great salads? What is the deal with the tasty clams??
Many dishes seem VERY pricey
Clam Chowder $9
Thanks - My guests are from NYC VERY PICKEY

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  1. The clam chowder is simply great.

    I wasn't that impressed with the oyster poor boy and the fish and chips were ok, but I wouldn't order them again. The trout blt was pretty good.

    I wasn't impressed with the sardines which were too fishy for my tastes. And I'm not a fan of the lobster roll either which just doesn't do it for me.

    Looking at the menu on the website, I'd put any of these at the top of my list:

    - savory clams with fatted calf linguica, kale, and potatoes (gosh that looks good, maybe I should get over there)

    - gigante beans with tuna confit, red onion, celery and lemon (the chef is into beans)

    - sauteed fava beans and mushrooms with lemon thyme and pecorino (same reason)

    - sauteed rainbow chard and mixed baby carrots with ginger and lime butter (just sounds good to me)

    - Any of the entrees except the fish and chips

    - grilled california squid with almond basil pesto (they do squid well, but usually it is not a large serving

    - monkfish liver torchon with cucumber, sea urchin and american sturgeon caviar (Robert reccomended this or a similar preparation. I've been meaning to try it)

    - endive and endigia with mizuna, point reyes blue cheese, candied pecans and black mission figs

    - mixed heirloom tomato salad with cowgirl creamery cottage cheese, balsamic-walnut vinaigrette and herbs

    They usually do a good job with salads. I don't know about the smoked salmon from T-Rex because I still don't totally trust T-Rex and you are dealing with New Yorkers who have access to good smoked salmon.

    While the heirloom tomatoes sound good, the cowgirl creamery cottage cheese is putting me off since I think that is a bad pairing. Proably go with the figs and mizuna, a Japanese endive tasting veggie that is briefly in season this time of year.

    I have no clue why out of season dungeness is on the menu. I'm personally not impressed with dungeness and ordering it off-season ... skip

    I don't have an opinion on the salt cod croquettes. Could be great. Could be a risk.

    I haven't had the desserts since the pastry chef who did that mint ice cream left. Those cheese plates sound good, but oddly, enough I'd skip the two California cheeses and go for either

    - aramitz (sheep, france) with blossom bluff nectarines and membrillo

    - mahon reserva (cow, spain) with cherry-black pepper gastrique and pistachios


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      The salt cod croquettees are fantastic, I had them a few weeks ago. But then I really enjoyed both the oyster po boy, the fish and chips and the lobster roll, and didn't like the fava beans at all. The squid is great, but it's more of an appetizer portion.

      1. Lobster Roll
        Panna cotta if they have it.
        Squid app is good but it is a small serving.

        1. We literally just got back from dinner at Sea Salt tonight. The nectarine-frangipane tart was the hit of the night. I had the opah, thought it was good, but not as much as the other entrees I've had there. We ordered the crab cakes, and actually thought they tasted fine, but I hardly ever eat crab and will like basically anything fried (but the sauce was really good).

          1. I'm hugely fond of both the po'boy and the BLT sandwiches. Both have an usual but well-meshed mix of flavors plus you get a nice light (but not too light) meal without the priciness of the "plated" entrees.

            They're also the only place I've found that consistently has raw clams. They're very expensive, though.

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              I love the po'boy. Well-meshed is exactly right. It's on a nice squishy roll, too, so the ingredients don't fall out of the back.

            2. AH, posting about Sea Salt once again.

              First, the last time I ate there (a few weeks ago) I had a fabulous wine - a tokai from Friuli. Made my eyes bug out and my stomach say howdy! checked the wine list and it's still there.

              My husband loves the BLT (I like it a lot, too). Fish and chips were very good but not great.

              The best dish I've had there was the halibut with sauteed mushrooms and shallots served with mashed spuds. This dish is totally rich, savory, and satisfying.

              I also loved the tuna with green curry, bok choy and massed yams. Really delicious.

              We ordered the cucumber, radish, feta salad which is glorious.

              Monkfish liver torchon pretty good. Also the tuna tartare with avocado. My husband didn't like this as much - wants his tartare served with the same flavorings at all times - capers, red onions, lemon, olive oil. The Asian flavors put him off, but I liked it.

              1. clam chowder, BLT, fish n' chips, and lobster roll are really good. Of the 4 above, You must order the BLT.

                1. I just wanted to add another vote for the BLT. Amazingly good.

                  1. I ate brunch there about 2 weeks ago - I ordered the lobster roll - which was great! Juicy buttery and perfectly sating. My boyfriend ordered the fish n' chips - ya know. Its fish and chips - they didn't do anything innovating or life-altering, but it was still great.

                    My only *slight* disappointment were the garnishes - both plates just had potato chips on them and this funny coleslaw. As did our appetizer (an "ok" tuna tartare). Theres a lot more you can do than just throw some chips and coleslaw on a plate - especially if you want it to be simple and seasonal. oh well.

                    all in all the meal was pretty good - and i would definitly go back!

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                      I love Sea Salt's slaw so much that I always get a side order even if it comes with something else I order.

                      The potato chips are housemade and are sometimes exceptionally good.