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Seattle Eats: Need one more rec...

I posted a few weeks ago asking the name of a place and it was Campagne. We have reservations there for dinner, at the restaurant. But we are looking at a second night for dinner and I'm not quite sure where to go. We'll have 8 plus an 8 month old. Any suggestions? We're staying at the Inn At The Market.

I actually have reservations at Matt's in the Market, but I'm concerned about seatng and this being a big get together weekend one in our party believes it may be too casual. But it certainly is well regarded and I like small, super tasty, semi casual places like this.

Chez Shea has also been recommended but looks like another really fancy night like Campagne.

How about Maximilien? Market Street Grill? Also heard of Dahlia, but it looks like a hit'or'miss chain experience?

I've scoured Yelp, but would appeciate some first-hand opinions from Chowhounders. I'm in charge of finding these places and I'm feeling the pressure! Thanks.

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  1. If you have the time, you may want to take a ferry over to Bainbridge Island. They have some great eating spots and your kids will love the ride (it's about 35 minutes each way).


    1. Matt's is really fantastic, but as you say, seating is limited. I think they do take reservations these days. It's on the casual side, but not really any more so than most places in Seattle.

      Etta's might be a good choice. I'd say try calling Matt's and see if you can get in, and if not, try Etta's or maybe Le Pichet.

      1. Chez Shea is less formal than Campagne, more comfortable (seatwise) than Matts or Maximilien and has a more extensive menu and more creative and better-prepared (imho) food than any of those 3 other restaurants. Campagne and Maximilien are both French bistro while Matt's probably falls into the category of New American with a Southern accent. I would not take a large group for a "big get-together weekend" dinner to Matts, personally. What kind of food are you looking for? or are you just looking for a place within a block of two of where you're staying?

        1. If you want to stay in the Market area, I agree with Evan that Etta's might be a good option to consider. Twice recently I've taken groups of visiting family there (including a five year old) and was pleasantly surprised. Food was excellent, don't miss a side order of the cornbread pudding. Our guests loved the salmon. I just don't think of Tom D's places as a "chain experience" personally.

          1. that you have an infant in your party precludes anyplace BUT one deemed 'casual'; ergo, matt's is ideal if you warn them of the number in your party. without the baby (the hotel can provide a sitter), i'd recommend union, the best restaurant in seattle and two blocks from your hotel. also fitting your needs would be cutter's bayhouse with fine seafood and stunning views. market grill is open only for lunch and etta's, like all of the tom douglas fiefdom, is always a crapshoot.

            1. I would call whatever restaurants you are considering to check whether they think a baby would be an issue. I don't see it being an issue at any of the places mentioned except perhaps Campagne, but best to check.

              1. I too would recommend Union, it's our favorite downtown restaurant. If you're looking for upscale you might try Cascadia or Lampria. Flying Fish is good and more casual (and I agree with the earlier post, with an 8 and an 8 m.o. casual is probably good), there's also Brasa, which we love. Etta's is a good choice, I happen to love the tuna tartare with the scallion pancakes. I agree with the earlier posts and don't think of Tom D's restaurants as "chains"--Dahlia is a good choice and they have a private room if there are a lot of you.



                1. I took a group of visiting family, along with my 2-yr-old, to Ettas not long ago and had a great experience. Everyone loved the food, and the staff was great, patient, etc., with the kiddo. I think it would be a great choice!

                  1. Union looks really good. I called and they were happy to take the baby. We're going early at 6.

                    1. I went to Etta's with a friend when I visited Seattle a couple of years ago, and had a memorable dining experience. It wasn't too crowded, service was attentive, and food was delicious.