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Sep 9, 2006 01:19 AM

A good caipirinha made with real cachaça in L.A.?

I was able to find this up north in S.F... who in L.A. makes a REAL caipirinha (with brazilian cachaca)? Anyone??? If not, who makes a decent caipirinha?

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  1. I assume Fogo de Chao does. Am I wrong...I never checked their cachaca?

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    1. re: Ciao Bob

      yes, fogo de choa does use cachaca

    2. Galletto Cafe way out in Westlake Village makes a great caipirinha -- not sure which brand of cachaca.

      They also have some very nice Brazilian dishes, especially their xixo's.

      If you're interested in making your own caipirinha, Bristol Farms stocks a couple of different brands of cachaca.

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      1. re: okie

        I love the caipirinha at Galletto -- and the feijoada on Saturdays. Totally worth the drive out to the Yuppie Forest.

        Picanha makes a caipirinha and also a caipirosca (with orange).

        1. Greenfield in Long Beach does, and I'd assume thatthe other branches do as well.

          1. Fogo de Chao makes a great caipahrina, but so does (don't kill me) The Cheesecake Factory. Or at least they used to. Maybe I ust got a good bartender.