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A good caipirinha made with real cachaça in L.A.?

I was able to find this up north in S.F... who in L.A. makes a REAL caipirinha (with brazilian cachaca)? Anyone??? If not, who makes a decent caipirinha?

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  1. I assume Fogo de Chao does. Am I wrong...I never checked their cachaca?

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      yes, fogo de choa does use cachaca

    2. Galletto Cafe way out in Westlake Village makes a great caipirinha -- not sure which brand of cachaca.

      They also have some very nice Brazilian dishes, especially their xixo's.

      If you're interested in making your own caipirinha, Bristol Farms stocks a couple of different brands of cachaca.

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        I love the caipirinha at Galletto -- and the feijoada on Saturdays. Totally worth the drive out to the Yuppie Forest.

        Picanha makes a caipirinha and also a caipirosca (with orange).

        1. Greenfield in Long Beach does, and I'd assume thatthe other branches do as well.

          1. Fogo de Chao makes a great caipahrina, but so does (don't kill me) The Cheesecake Factory. Or at least they used to. Maybe I ust got a good bartender.

            1. Pei- I'm not surprised. CF does a great job on most of their drinks. I adore their peach bellini!

              1. Greenfields BBQ in Covina or Gauchos Village in Glendale Both Great!

                1. This has been said, but really consider making your own. Lime, ice, good cachacha. Pitu is readily available at BevMo. If you are into classic cocktails, try Harrington's cocktail book (out of print I think). Having said this, I would make a special trip for certain drinks, like a peach bellini, although I will grab the white peaches myself if I am out shopping.

                  A bonus is that you can make your own special drinks and, more importantly, enjoy a couple without having to worry about driving. The latter issue keeps me from drinking out. Also, it is so cost-effective to make your own and you know the quality of the ingredients.

                  1. you can get cachaca at cook's market, malibu in their huge wine & spirits department. do all cook's have such extensive liquor depts., or just malibu?