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Sep 9, 2006 12:15 AM

Luna Park, ho hum...

Took the 14 year old to Luna Park last night thinking he'd enjoy it. The service was spacey and erratic and the table seemed on the sticky side. I started with a nice mojito--is $8.50 steep for a cocktail or am I just way over the hill? Teenpup had some sort of pomegranite concoction which was delicious. We started with pretty good fries and a decent roasted artichoke with aioli. Bread and water weren't replenished and son scarfed bread--which looked mediocre, before I could taste. I had jerk chicken--dry with undercooked asparagus and good roasted (but underseasoned) sweet potatoes. My date ordered mushroom ravioli which was ultra greasy and acrid tasting. A real loser. Dessert was a "make your own s'more" thing which was a ramekin of broiled marshmallows and one of melted chocolate served with some boring packaged graham crackers. I remember really liking this place the other times I've been and thinking it would please a teenager. This was either an off night or there's been quite a decline. Too bad, cute space and cute concept.

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  1. We recently went to the Luna Park in SF (reportedly the "original" of the 2 locations) & loved the s'more dessert. The graham crackers were listed on the menu as homemade rather than pre-pacakaged ones & we noticed/enjoyed the difference.

    It's too bad that the LA location didn't meet your expectations.

    1. some good ideas just do not travel well. i used to live in the mission near the original luna park. the food was always enjoyable but i rarely went b/c it was always packed to the gills and almost uncomfortable to breathe. the main part of the attraction to luna park for me was that it was one of the few restaurants in SF that offered decent quality food with moderately priced wines. i think that's why it was so popular. it was a place where me and my friends could go and have a civilized meal with a nice bottle of wine and walk away without having to sign over your whole pay check.

      when they opened luna park in miracle mile i was so ecstatic. the first time around the food was as good as i remembered it but then each time i returned it sort of went down a notch. then the prices went up. like 3-5 dollars per item even for the drinks.

      it's okay food. pretty inconsistent. i wouldn't say it's the worst. but with the price increase i almost saw no point on returning and i haven't. i'd rather go to AOC or somewhere like Violet.

      1. Luna Park is very inconsistent -- both in the kitchen and in the wait staff. The bar is pretty consistent and the prices fairly good -- $8.50 isn't bad for a cocktail nowadays when things seem to be creeping to $10.00 at high end bars. (It shocks me a bit too -- perhaps I'm an old fogy as well, but cocktail prices is a topic for another time and maybe another board.)

        Sometimes I like Luna Park, sometimes I don't, because it varies so much. I have to admit that I have been going much less (it is near my office and a logical and formerly popular lunch choice) and sought other options because I was tired of hit or miss at those prices.

        1. i agree. their service is terrible, especially the fake, saccharine hostess that was there one time i visited. food was not bad, but because of the service, i vowed never to return.