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360 VAN BRUNT :: Is it really good? Worth the trip?

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We have been thinking about trying 360 VAN BRUNT. How is the food? Service?

It seems like a good value Prix Fixe at $25.

Any tips will be appreciated.

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  1. one of the best deals around. the menu changes daily (prix fixe portion) and has been great each time I've gone (have been 4 or 5 times). a bit of an attitude from the owner, but not enough so to keep you away.

    1. One of my favorite restaurants. We've probably been ten times or so over the past few years. The wine list is incredibly esoteric and somewhat hard to decipher -- I usually ask for a rec and haven't been disappointed. They are passionate about their food and wine - if you ask what's best, they'll give you an honest appraisal, and steer you in the right direction. I think you can get around the service issues by asking for recs and being somewhat deferential. As for what's best, the last time we were there, they were offering pork served three ways, and it was one of the better dishes i've ever had there. Also, the chicken is always a safe bet. As a general rule, I don't order chicken in restaurants, but I make an exception here. They use Clonshee Farms chicken, which is just a superior product to begin with, and the preparation (which is constantly evolving) is usually pretty interesting.

      1. I agree that it's worth the trip. I was just there this weekend and we had a delicious meal. The gnocchi with lamb ragu appetizer was especially tasty and complex. We were also confused by the wine list (mostly obscure labels), but were offered a great recommendation when we asked.

        The desserts were a little boring, but at $25 for 3 courses, it's a good deal.

        We didn't experience any "attitude" at all -- we found the staff very friendly and pleasant.

        1. 360 seems to get better with age. I've been there twice in the last 2 months and dinner was miles better than when it first opened in my opinion. I had an amazing braised berkshire pork entree last time that I can't stop thinking about. The wine list is amazing and I always get excellent recommendations from the waiter.

          1. The food is good, especially at that low price. The ambiance is definitely lacking.

            If the prices weren't so low, I wouldn't think it was worth a trip.

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              Lacking how?
              It's a pleasant, dimly lit, quiet room with a knowedgable staff.

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                The food is actually quite good, but the room is kind of dank and dark. The presence of crying infants and toddlers at a late hour on a few visits is another turn off.

            2. Are there any nights that they don't do the prix fix? Weekends?

              1. there is a standard menu for ordering a la carte as well, but the prix fixe is the way to go. a great deal and always very fresh and seasonal options.

                1. I so often hear people talking about how the staff has attitude, but I've never had a problem--my experience is similar to dianasiri's in that I think they treat you very well if you show some interest in their food and their great wine list (a lot of which will be familiar if you shop at Chambers St. Wines since it's heavy on the Louis/Dressner stuff).

                  Only issue I've had with "ambiance" is a slightly leaky skylight during a very heavy rainstorm. But other than that, I really like the place.

                  1. Over-rated. The food was over salted, and the recommended wine was bad-- when we told the waiter--he insisted it was supposed to taste like that because the grapes were grown in volcanic soil--whatever.

                    1. I've been there once, but it was really a memorable experience. The food was excellent- I remember the pork-belly being a big hit at the table. The wine was reasonably priced and the staff was very polite but low-key. It made for a relaxing, intimate winter evening.

                      I would say it's defintely worth the trip- especially if you live anywhere in the south brooklyn area. It's only a short car-ride away.

                      1. I'd like to report back. 360 was a deal. It is hands down one of the best meals I've head for the price.

                        Quickly, our meals:
                        - cheese plate loaded with oozy, stinky good things
                        - butternut squash soup, roasted pumpkin seeds scattered on bottom, crisy fried sage sprinkled on top
                        - gorgonzola and cipollini tart
                        - braised pork belly, with a quince sauce, Savoy cabbage and fingerling potatoes
                        - roasted chicken with red cabbage and tiny, lovely dumplings
                        - butterscotch pot de creme
                        - lemon tart
                        - a bottle of very good, dry red, something French I've known forgotten the name of.
                        bill = 98 clams.

                        Cozy, warm, like we were inside a ship. Service was very good -they took back our entrees, no questions asked, when we mentioned that they were cold. Different plates came back, hot and delicious.

                        1. I have also been going almost since it opened but have only been there about 10 times total. I have had some extremely great meals there for the price (the pre-fixe is always $25, even weekends) but have not always been impressed with my meal. At the worst, it has been only "okay"; never a bad meal. Arnaud can be moody but will brighten up if he's consulted about the wines. He can also be very opinionated. Given the # of times we eat dinner in restaurants per week (4-5), its obvious to me that I dont consider it a regular destination place as I do Chestnut, Henry's End, Savoia & Downtown Atlantic. However, I recommend it often since it cant be beat for the price and there's always the potential to score an exceptional meal.