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Sep 8, 2006 11:46 PM

Here is my list of restaurants for lunch in Paris -what do you guys think?

I'm so confused, but came up with this list.

restaurant du palais
chez rene
le reminet
la regalade
chez georges
Atelier joel robuchon

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  1. These are very different places in terms of ambience, food and price. The most expensive, but in my opinion the best and most fun would be L'Atelier Joel Robuchon and it would be my first choice.

    Laduree is a different kettle of fish. There are several locations and all are beautiful. The prize here goes to dessert--try some of their famous macarons. I love taking my breakfast at Laduree. Cafe Creme with croissant and confiture abricot is my personal favourite. That is not to say the lunch is not very good--I like their omelettes.

    Flora was enjoyable and I had a lovely meal their. The restaurant was pretty.

    Le Reminet, Le Regalade and Chez Georges are all excellent bistrots. Chez Georges is very traditional and Le Reminet more orientated to game, but I love it. Both these places are in convenient areas. I have not been to La Regalade since the ownership change, so I can make no comment. Do a search to see what others think.

    I have not eaten at the others on your list.

    If I had to chose I would go to L'Atelier, but if I wanted something more bistroish I think Le Reminet would be my choice.

    Enjoy your lunch. Please let us have a report when you get back.

    1. Laduree - Very good pastry shop, I have only been to the original on Rue Royale. They do serve lunch. At the Rue Royale location they have an upstairs dining room that is a bit more spacious than the downstairs area which is quite cramped but beautiful. They ususally have a plat du jour, about 20e plus whatever you spend on wine & dessert. For pastry it is a destination location, for lunch less so.

      Chez Rene - I have eaten dinner there twice and lunch once. This is an old fashioned bistro, waiters in black aprons, cooking in the style of Lyons. They serve well done classics, nothing fancy, long list of different Beaujolais wines. They have a true non smoking section.

      Reminet - Small restaurant, narrow & long dining room. Cooking is more inventive that your average bistro, good location and open on Sunday which is fairly rare for good places in Paris. I have only had dinner there, was about 60e for 3 courses plus wine, water & coffee.

      These are the only ones I have personal experience with.

      1. As an earlier poster, faijay stated, your list various in price, types of cooking and ambience. If you can be more specific what you expect from your lunch (light and casual v. lingering and hearty, is it your main meal of the day; that you are looking for a variety of experiences from your lunches (how long will you be in Paris?); your food preference and service; your budget...the board might be more helpful and make some suggestions. Please post back.

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          just non-touristy and yummy. Price doesn' matter because I'm vacation. I like every type of food and i'm adventurous. I like the idea of going where locals go-what the locals consider really good. Need lunch places and some dinner

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            I would pick up a good general guide book like Time Out Paris and get a overall impression of the restaurant scene in Paris. You will get an idea of the types of food that is being served, price range, some general advice.
            From your list,
            L'Atelier Joel Robuchon is the most cutting edge, bar sitting only, about 100E before wine for the tasting menu.
            Chez Rene and Chez George are old-style bistro serving excellent traditional food...large portions of steak, chicken, sausages, boeuf Bourguignon, coq au vin, salade au lardon. It is noisy, crowded and convivial. Throughly French.
            Flora, I have not eaten there but it modern cooking with a strong provencal influence.
            Laduree is an excellent pastry shop/salon de the with 3 locations. It does serve meals but is more in the 'precious' mode.
            Le Regalade is one of the many modern bistros in Paris that offer a prix fixed 3 course meal for around 35E. The cooking is simple but excellent. Because of the great value, tables can be cramped and service can be a bit rush. There is a list of similar places in the link below.
            Le Reminet, the above poster, faijay gives an excellent description as well as L'Atelier Joel Robuchon. She is a very knowlegable poster on Paris.
            Restaurant du palais, if this is Restaurant du Palais-Royal. I have not been there in many years. It is an excellent location for lunch, under the arches of the Palais Royal. The food was simple and light.
            Search the this forum and you will find many many posts on Paris. Paris is full of visitors and you will find them in many restauants, especially around the tourist arrondissements of one through eleven and the fourteen. If you have specific questions or a restaurant, would be happy to answer them.

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              Although "touristy" is a relative term, we did find Chez Georges to be very touristy during our dinner about a year ago. It was a very bright, busy and bustling restaurant, but we also found the huge portions of food to be OK but we weren't wowed as we were by the other places that we went to.

              It's not in your list, but L'Avant Gout in the Place d'Italie had mostly locals as clienteles (it is a bit out of the tourist area, afterall), plus we found the dishes to be better and more interesting with some slightly different twists on classic bistro foods.

              In your list, we had lunch at Le Reminet before and found it to be veyr satisfying.

          2. For the most memorable lunch, go to Robuchon. You won't ever forget it. We're still talking about it over a year later!!!!

            1. I think you should perhaps take a trip out to the suburbs to Les Magnolias. Google it for its web site. Many consider its chef a star of the future. Very busy so you need to reserve. You get there by RER (train). I think it is a half hour ride, but well worth the trip (or detour as they say in Le Guide Rouge. Bon Appetit.

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                I heard about this place. What would you recommend at Les Magnolias?

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                  I, too, would love to hear more about this restaurant.......