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Sep 8, 2006 11:38 PM

Seattle - Chicken Fried Steak

Does anyone know of a good place to find chicken fried steak in Seattle?

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  1. Blue Onion Bistro (NE Roosevelt Way and 64th - ?) makes a mean one.

    1. I like Patty's eggnest.

      Curious, what exactly are you looking for in chicken fried steak?

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      1. re: rumgum

        I am looking for one like they make them in Texas I suppose...

        1. re: jdestes

          That shouldn't be hard, in that most chicken-fried steaks in Texas suck ( ). If you look around, I'm sure you'll be able to find something serviceable up there.


          1. re: Scott

            Why do you say that most Chicken-Fried Steaks suck in Texas? Just because a article out of Dallas says so?

            I have found many in Texas that are great!.. Babe's in Roanoke TExas. The Tip top in San Antonio. Alamo cafe in San Antonio etc...

            1. re: loti

              I say it because that's been my experience. I agree that there are good ones to be found. But the average is not so hot. That's why I said "most" (not "all") chicken-fried steaks in Texas suck. (And the "article out of Dallas"--which I tend to agree with, since I wrote it--mentions Babe's favorably. Unfortunately, Babe's is the exception--not the norm.)


      2. Jdestes, That's not gonna happen.

        1. Norm's in Fremont does a chicken fried steak that is Texas style (in that it is freakin' enormous) and is pretty good, savory and peppery, but I don't know if they only do it for breakfast.

          1. CJ's on First Ave has great breakfast, which includes a fantastic Chicken Fried Steak with sausage gravy and eggs on the side for $10.