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Sep 8, 2006 11:28 PM

Montien in Inman - authentic menu yet?

The original Montien in Boston has a wonderful 'authentic'/'traditional' Thai menu with a bunch of hard-to-find dishes. I'm wondering if anyone knows if the Inman Sq location has this menu as well? As of a couple of months ago the latest post on this board said that they didn't -- but I haven't been. Thanks!

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  1. i had lunch at a thai place in inman sq a couple months ago...a few doors down from east coast grill, as i recall. the name escapes me, though montien sounds familiar.

    in any case, if that's it, authentic would be the last word i would use to describe it. "exceptionally unremarkable" would be more like it. i believe the menu was traditional americanized thai--which i am a total fan of--but the execution was lacking.

    i was only there once, so who knows.

    1. ate there once when it first opened ..alone for lunch and it was fine..brought DH there for lunch a few weeks later and we were both unhappy and I actually was feeling not well for the next day..wanted to like it as I had years of good experience with Kneeland St location when I worked at Tufts...advice NO