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Sep 8, 2006 11:17 PM

Hot (spiciest) rest. in toronto

i love spicy food. Was wondering where the spiciest rest in TO would be. And i don't mean add a touch of tobasco, but good spicy food. (i use tabcaso as ketchup).

any suggestions???

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  1. How about checking out a good Hakka restaurant such as Lin Garden? I doubt if it would be considered the spiciest restaurant in Toronto, but I'm sure they'd be more than willing to crank up the heat a few extra notches if requested. Great chili chicken with a fair bit of kick. Awesome house shrimp too!

    Lin Garden is located in a very small plaza at the southwest corner of Pharmacy and Sheppard.

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    1. re: Brain of J

      Good call on Lin Garden; a nice spice hit indeed.

      I also recommend: Maroli for Indian (tell him to crank the heat).

    2. I have a friend who goes through the bulk size bottles of Tobassco about once every two months (or less). Even he thinks that the Armaggedon wings at Duff's on Bayview are hot.

      Sure there is better spicy food, but there might not be spicier food.

      1. At Salad King, you can specify how spicy you'd like your dishes. I ordered 3 chilis, and it was quite hot, but I think the chili scale goes up to 10...

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          The chili scale goes up to 20 actually. Personally, I top out around ten or so.

        2. Try Hopper Hut near Kennedy & Ellesmere. There's no such thing as mild or medium there. NOW review:

          1. I have only been unable to eat one spice dish in a Toronto restaurant. There is a noodle soup at Hanoi Three Seasons, a really good Vietnamese place on Gerard, just East of Broadview. It really was too hot for me, but I love many of the other dishes there. They have great pho, and a grilled fish with dill dish that I absolutely love. The staff are without exception lovely, but it can be a little slow, so set some time aside.

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              What was the noodle soup called, at Hanoi?