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Sep 8, 2006 10:17 PM

I tried the Farmer's Cart organic delivery service

For all of you who were looking for delivery services, I got my first shipment from the Farmer's Cart organic delivery service a few days ago. They deliver on Wednesdays to the downtown/Silver Lake area and surrounding neighborhoods. I got the $39 box which is the large size. They make the selection for you which is a little odd, since I've never bought radishes in my entire life and now I have a whole bunch of them. But I thought it would be fun to try something different.
I got apples, bananas, broccoli, cucumbers, bagged salad, tomatoes, potatoes, etc. Nothing very exotic. Quality seems pretty good. But it's hard to see how you'd want to receive vegetables you don't pick out yourself week after week -- I guess some services offer more customization. It seems like mainly a convenience for downtown loft dwellers who just can't get to a market.
Coincidentally the same week I got a brochure from Organic Express, which is now delivering in L.A. Has anyone tried them or L.O.V.E. (Los Angeles Vegetable Express) delivery?

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  1. Cool. You'll have to let us know if it's worth it over time, or if it's just as easy to buy $39 worth of random organics at the farmers market. The SO and I contacte LOVE a while back, but they told us they were too busy to take on more deliveries! They did have an "exclusion list" you could fill out for things that you would never consider wanting in your home. Maybe we should re-visit. I kinda like the idea of surprises at the door.

    P.S. I never do radishes either but had several bites of one today between tacos and they do act as a pretty good palate/hot sauce cleanser!

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      1. I did that for a while about a year and a half ago. I can't remember the name of the service, but it might have been Organic Express. I liked it sort of, but not enough. It was very repetitive from week to week, there was nothing exotic, and although I was able to tailor the contents to some extent, they still managed to send stuff I just wasn't in the mood for. And it wasn't necessarily at the peak of ripeness, either. It was basically grocery store stuff. I'm waiting to see a service that brings me special stuff, or especially delicious stuff. That I would be glad to pay for.

        1. I tried LOVE for a while and was pretty disappointed with it. The produce was no better than Whole Foods and there certainly wasn't anything exotic. I like the idea of a delivery service that specializes in high quality, in season stuff from local farms with an emphasis on the unusual. But it doesn't seem to exist in LA as far as I can tell.

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            Had a similar experience with organic delivery although I can't remember the name of the service, in all fairness. We had the $25 option and for that we had a paltry serving of the ubiquitous radishes (which we buy all the time at the Mercado for five for $1); four small potatoes, two or three zuccini and some crinkly lettuce which showed its organic pedigree by not being trimmed. I felt ripped off and after two deliveries, cancelled this. Felt Whole Foods was much better and since I like to have the illusion we eat fresh vegetables, make at least a couple of trips to the market a week. Somehow I don't think this works in LA because of the availablity of markets who have very extended hours.

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              Yeah, I think that's what I'm concluding. Most people who cook enough to really benefit from this want something besides potatoes and carrots. I need my broccoli rabe, my red peppers, etc. to cook a good meal.

          2. I have friends in other cities that get organic deliveries, and they're generally pretty happy with what they get. But judging by these posts, LA's options don't look too good. Plus, the top poster here writes there were bananas in her package, which is unlikely to be grown locally. "Organic" is all well and good, but what I'm looking for in a delivery service is a way of tapping into produce from local growers.

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              That's exactly what I'm searching for: Local grown organic produce delivery! Has anyone found anything worth while on that front? I'm actually more concerned about food miles than organic if I have to make the trade off. Therefore, I'd prefer locally grown foods to organic but ideally would love to have both. The local farmer's markets are great but not always convenient for my schedule. Thoughts, experience?

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                sorry-- i'm an outsider to the board, but thought i'd drop this csa link off


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                  That's an excellent link, I found out about the South Central Farmers Co-Op via Local Harvest. Thanks!