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Sep 8, 2006 10:12 PM

Farm Fresh to You vs. Planet Organics grocery delivery?

I currently get a Farm Fresh to You (Capay Farms) veggie/fruit box delivered to my house once a month, and I love it--it's like Christmas with produce. But I've been getting a ton of flyers for Planet Organics, and KQED is sending me a $20 gift certificate to try them out.

Has anyone had any experience with Planet Organics, or both?

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  1. They're both similar operations.

    You might want to investigate getting a real CSA box like Full Belly's.

    1. A "real" CSA? I'm not sure what's not real about Capay Farms' delivery.

      In any case, it looks like Full Belly doesn't deliver to San Francisco, so I'm out on that one. Thanks for the rec, though.

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      1. re: MuppetGrrl

        Capay Organics grows some of its stuff but also buys from other farms. It would be hard for them to sell bananas otherwise!

        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Their snack pack, I believe is more mixed with other sustainable farms, but their veggie box (the one I get) is mostly them, if not all. I've been with them for two years and I've never gotten a banana. It's always seasonal, local food.

          In any case, if someone knows of an all-one-farm that actually delivers to homes in San Francisco, I'm all ears.

          1. re: MuppetGrrl

            Not one farm but Two Small Farms delivers to San Francisco.


      2. One major difference is Farm Fresh to You (Capay Valley Farms)is actually a farm, and planet organics is a produce delivery company (which buys from farms).
        If it's important to you, I say support the farm directly, and stick with your Farm Fresh to You box.

        1. I kind of thought as much. I'll probably use the gift certificate, but they've been bombarding us with offers in the mail, too, so I was wondering if anyone had tried them.

          I'll stick with my lovely FFTY box! (This week: grapes, prunes, cauliflower, kale, honeydew, tomatoes, peaches...)

          1. I'm still enjoying my eatwell subscription., One farm with some help from their neighbors via trades when needed. This week was summer squash, lemon cucumbers, lots of large and small heirloom tomatoes, basil. lemon verbena, eggplant, and apples. They are lovely folks with lots of pick up sites throughout the city.