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Sep 8, 2006 10:05 PM

Schooners of beer south of the 14?

I was just reading the post about wings and someone mentioned a goblet of beer served at the griffith park clubhouse. When I lived in the Santa Clarita Valley (a culinary wasteland like no other but that's not my point here) all the bars erved beers in schooners: large glass goblets. Really large glass goblets.
I haven'e seen them s. of the 14 and didn't think they existed outside that area until the mention of goblets during the wings could you please tell me places that have these schooners of beer if you've seen them?


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  1. Speaking from experience, Hamburger Hamlet still has schooners.

    1. Clearmans Galley in Rosemead

      1. Joe Josts on Anaheim in Long beach. large frozen schooners, usually filled with PBR> sorry no wings, try the eggs or a "special"

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          To say nothing of the large, inexpensive sandwiches. And talk about atmosphere...

        2. Raphael's Mexican restaurant in Montebello. And they are ice cold!!!!

          1. Mutt Lynchs in Newport Beach.
            Just along from the Newport Pier has them and icy. Also a full menu.

   has some pictures of them chilling the schooners and people drinking. mmm .. i think i might know where i am going tonight.