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Sep 8, 2006 10:02 PM

what to do with crunchy bean sprouts?

I just got my first shipment from the Farmer's Cart delivery service and there's a tub of sprouted things...maybe lentils. They're not mung bean sprouts. What can I do with these besides sprinkle them on a green salad? Would they work in a grain salad (quinoa, rice, bulgur, etc.)?

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  1. Maybe I've just answered my own question...just walked by an Indian co-worker's desk and noticed some bean sprouty looking things in Tupperware...she said she mixed them with coconut, green chiles and some spices...they were delish!

    1. A sandwich with whole grain bread,sprouts,(spicy sprouts!) mayo, cukes, tomato and muenster cheese.
      I ate this almost everyday when I was pregnant. When I was eating that for lunch I would eat a Reuben

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        Your sandwich sounds delicious. It also reminded me about one of my favorites that tastes much better than the description:
        Make a grilled cheese sandwich, using several slices of swiss for the cheese on a good multi- or whole-grain bread. As soon as it's done, split it open and add to the top of the melted cheese thinly sliced cucumbers, tomatoes, plenty of bean sprouts and just a little thousand island dressing. Reassemble, cut into two triangles (somehow the triangle shape is important to me!) and then enjoy!

      2. You could always try them in a Vietnamese spring roll. You can just about experiment with any ingredients in spring rolls. Some spring rolls use the mung bean sprouts as an ingredient; so you could possibly do the same except substitute with these sprouts.

        1. They're also good in omelets. Just make sure not to overcook them or they'll become soggy.