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Sep 8, 2006 09:51 PM

S&T Hong Kong Seafood - aka Tai Wu - 2588 Noriega @ 33rd Avenue

Our weather pattern shifts from summer to autumn; fog's mist lingers in the Sunset with a hovering grey and that sparks my appetite for comforting foods.

By 11:15 am today — is it busy because it's Friday and it's a start on weekending? Or, is this day like any other? A full house.

Today's lunch with dimsumgirl was inspired by this recent post;
No grease, no heaviness, nothing overcooked, nothing gluey...just the lightness of delicate, subtle flavors - which enabled us to eat more and more...

shark's fin dumpling

sticky rice chicken wrapped in lotus leaf


deep fried tofu skin w/shrimp

$1.79 salt & pepper squid

raw fish jook

...we ordered and enjoyed more but I am still in a happy food coma; shiitake mushroom shiu mai, shrimp noodle roll, deep fried taro dumplings; every dish was as promised; deftly prepared, amply portioned, and a generous full-flavored value.
- dim sum is a good bargain with discounted Take-out pricing.

-Neighborhood Note: Ming Tai is closed until Sept. 15 - a peek in the window reveals construction and a new floor installation at 2455 Noriega at 32nd Ave.

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  1. OMG!! This was worth every minute of the two hour drive that it took for me to get there! Thanks to Cynsa for her patience and warm welcome once I arrived.

    What a find! It is hard for me to nail down a favorite. It was the first time I had ever had the shark fin dumpling in soup and I really enjoyed it. I though the deep fried tofu skin with shrimp was the most delicate dish. The sticky rice was so flavorful and I savored every bit of the large chunk of salt egg that it contained. The shrimp noodle roll was also delicious as was the deep fried meat dumpling. It always amazes me that jook is so simple yet so savory, rich and delicious. This version was spot on and only missed the "jook donuts" that we ordered but never arrived.

    I saw a dish go past our table with lobster and noodles that looked wonderful. If we had only had more room, I think that would have been the next thing to order.

    I can't wait to get back to this place. We were missing a chow partner, RWC Foodie who succumbed to the flu. A return visit is a must and I have the lobster dish first on the list for next time!

    1. And you know that ONLY the flu would keep me from being there! I know I'm getting better because the pictures made me hungry - especially the shark fin dumpling in soup! I look forward to your return visit - Bring on those lobster noodles!