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Sep 8, 2006 09:46 PM

Are Chowhounds Born, or Made?

Were you that kid wolfing down sashimi before you learned your times table?

Or was there some defining moment or influence that piqued your interest in and appreciation for food?

Mine: going to college, missing mom's food, hating dorm food, and wanting to gain some kind of control over what was in what I ate and what it tasted like. Food became both an issue and an interest.

Anyone else?

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  1. I was born to 2 foodies and exposed to many different dining experiences all over the place. I took to it at an early age. My sister on the other hand, we used to say about her, that the only thing she would eat was white food. It is nature not nuture.

    1. In my case: made. I developed into a Chowhound/Foodie/whatever term you prefer. I was food phobic and it took many years but thank goodness, I am now among those who delight in good food and will try (just about) anything. Although I still hate okra.

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        haha we should start another thread: "Who likes okra and why on earth???"

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          Same as you, except I'm a supertaster so there is still lot's of stuff that is too bitter for me or tastes uncomfortable to me - yes,'s physical in many cases. But otherwise I was phobic and grew and am slowly growing into an adventurous eater (my husband and ChrisVR have a lot to do with this, too).

        2. I grew up in a tiny town in Northern Michigan where it was impossible to experience ethnic or high quality food. Once, on a family trip through the South when I was 12, I tasted real Memphis BBQ. From the moment of that very first bite, I have been a relentless Chowhound ever since.

          1. my mother was a fine cook. Beef stew, sauteed potatoes. Fine. Then after college I had a roommate who was a cook. She sauteed pork w/ cabbage, made salmon mousse. My attention piqued. Since them I've been on the trail of good taste, including in my own kitchen.

            1. I grew up in Singapore. It was normal to love and seek out delicious food.