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Sep 8, 2006 09:30 PM

All Star Sandwich's diet special

Got there at 11:25 a.m. and was seated promptly. My bottomless iced tea arrived very soon, unfortunately that was not to be the case for the BLT.

After about 25 minutes I was told they had a big takeout order and that they would get things going. The good news is that I got a refill of the iced tea that I had been trying to get for awhile.

I finally gave up and left at 12:05 and went to Taco's Lupita where I had a really good steak taco and a pupusa.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. wow, i can't believe you left! i wish i had, but i had already paid, and didn't want to make a scene by asking for my $$ back. hopefully they will get it together, either that or lower their prices.

      1. Went to A.S.S. this week for lunch and left feeling like one.

        I was dining solo and seated promptly after arrive shortly before noon.

        The following took place:

        - Server did not provide a menu
        - Server did not provide a table setting
        - Server did not ask to take order (after I flagged him down for the menu, I waited seven minutes before waving him down again to take my order. This would have been understandable if the place was overcrowded - but the tables were only 80% filled.)
        - A soup/salad/1/2 sandwich/chili option was listed on the menu - but was not available for reasons that were not quite clear. (This option provided the best value on the menu.)

        In fact, the sever did not bring the meal. Somebody else in the kitchen did. She then ran and got the table setting ... at least the sandwich came out 5 minutes after order was placed, which was a pleasant surprise.

        As for the food, the Beef of Weck had some merit, notably the sturdy, tasty, salty/seeded kimmel roll.

        But the beef was only B to B+, the horseradish was laid on much, much too thick, and the accompanying pickled cukes and carrots were laden with cumin, which really overpowered everything else.

        Worse, for $1, I got a side of hard pretzel, which consisted of two store-bought pretzel logs...which oddly enough, were served on a small plate, which somehow only made them seem even more of a bad bargain.

        Bottom line, Chris has done better. The concept is a good one, and the offerings are a welcome sight on the sandwich scene. But at this price point (my bill came in at $11.50 for the sandwich and pretzels), they would be wise to elevate their game if they hope to thrive.

        I doubt this neighborhood (mostly residential, lots of subsidized housing, no major offices nearby - only major employer is Cambridge Hosiptal about a 1/2 mile away) is capable of supporting a high-priced sandwich shop, which means a sizable chunk of the customer-base will be destination-based. Considering the lack of subway access and parking in Inman, it will be interesting to see how this place does once the buzz dies.

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        1. re: Bob MacAdoo

          50 cent oreos and now 50 cent pretzel sticks!

          1. re: Bob MacAdoo

            I had a very different experience yesterday. We arrived at 1 and were directed to have a seat, our server would be right with us. Sat at the counter by the window which was nice. We were given menus to look at but didn't really notice a server in that section. The place was jammed and I was worried we'd be overlooked so we asked the person who greeted us if there was indeed a server for us. She said yes and pointed us out the the right guy, who called out "I'll be right with you". After that I felt immediately more at ease ... and the service was just fine from there on out.

            My Beef on Weck was very good. I have no basis of comparison (never had the original) but this is a fine sandwich. Thinly sliced roast beef (cooked medium to well done) was very tender. The roll was sort of soggy underneath the meat which was a good thing. It's got a thick coating of kosher salt and fennel seeds on top, and I think I detected cumin too, which I gather wouldn't be traditional. But it's yummy. Our server had suggested I pour the jus onto the top half of the bun to add to the deliciousness (rather than dip the sandwich in the jus) and it was a good insider tip. I thought it was a fine meat to bread ratio and would definitely get it again. Not before trying about 7 other things on the menu first.

            My friend's pulled pork sandwich was great too. I saw the meatloaf which looked and smelled good, and I'd like to try the reuben, the rachel, the cubano.... Oh, boy. I'm sort of excited to have a place close to me where I want to work my way through the menu from top to bottom.

            Chris came in while we were there and I enthused to him about the place. He seemed pretty hands-on and involved and genuinely happy to hear my few words of praise. (I think I said something corny like "Beef on Weck!!!" and gave him two thumbs up. He probably wonders who that nut job was, or maybe he hears it all the time. He strikes me as a really nice guy.)

            I had a can of Tecate for $2.50 and we didn't get anything else. So yeah, it's a pricy lunch, but it's a really well thought out sandwich with quality ingredients and served with care. I like ASSBar a lot.

            1. re: yumyum

              So, so glad to hear a favorable report from a trustworthy source--the complaints were beginning to depress me. I continue to have faith...

              1. re: tatamagouche

                Don't get me wrong ... many of the people waiting to take out seemed stressed and like they'd been there for a while. If I did the same and got a falling apart sandwich at the end of it all, I'd be complaining too. But for me, eating in, yesterday, it was a positive experience.

          2. Just finished my soggy burnt Atomic Meatloaf and German Potato Salad(only ate one bite because the potatos were VERY under cooked),not impressed..This is the 4th time i have eaten there and i think maybe the last for a while, until they get their act together.

            Not one of the sandwiches has yet to make me go WOW,especially for nine dollars!! My biggest complaint is the service, or may i say lack of. Thirty five minutes i waited for my sandwich (the woman at the register had told me 15 minutes)to top it off they forgot my chili and iced tea. AGH!!!!

            There are much better sandwich places out there.