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Sep 7, 2006 01:24 AM

BEST restaurant in Massachusetts (outside of Boston area) [moved from Boston board]

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You did say Massachusetts!

My most memorable dining experience in Massachusetts - food, wine, setting, and service was at Toppers at the Wauwinet on Nantucket. I think my husband would agree.

It has been a few years but our time there was so perfect that we arranged a repeat of the experience for friends as their wedding gift from us. (They were on a sailing honeymoon that included a stop on Nantucket.


They actually called us from the beach in front of the Inn to tell us it was their best wedding gift and that they would always remember this meal as a highlight of their honeymoon. They still talk about it and thank us- years later.

If you ever go, be sure you take advantage of the wonderful boat ride to and from dinner that they offer as a part of their service.

Thank you for making me remember this. I'm going to make plans to go back.

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  1. BostonZest, I was going to skip over this post altogether until I saw your suggestion.

    One of the most memorable meals of my life was at Languedoc on Nantucket. The meal was transcendant, setting was beautiful and the relaxed atmosphere of the island made it seem as if the rest of the world had melted away. If I was going to pull all the stops for the dining experience of a lifetime, I would head there in a heartbeat.

    Trying to decide between many of the high end restaurants in Boston is more trouble than it's worth, in my mind. There are good places to be had but when you look towards the upper echelon, I find that few are worth the price.

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      Ah, Yes. Most of the other meals we ate on that trip were taken at the Languedoc. It was one of the first places we tried and we went back a few times that week.

      Again, This was a few years ago. I don't have a current opinion to offer.

    2. Topper's is definitely amazing. I've had 4 meals there, and everything, from the amuse bouche we were served at breakfast, to the incredible chef's tasting menu, was just superb.

      1. When did the fabled Chanticleer in Siasconset on Nantucket close? For many years in its heyday, it would likely have garnered the laurels for best restaurant in the Commonwealth.