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Sep 8, 2006 08:44 PM

Tyson's Corner Recs

We will be staying in Tyson's Corner in October and are looking for some places to eat around the hotel (The Ritz Carlton). On our last trip, we went to the Essential Grille (pretty good), Legal seafood (Never again), Cheescake factory (good for the kids), Maestros (once for dinner and once for brunch - very good), and the Black Salt (Great).

Any suggestions for this time around? Any type of food is okay as long as it is good.

I would like to try Colvin Run Tavern, thoughts?
Also any place for a nice brunch other than at the Ritz?


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  1. Peya Thai in a little strip center a half mile south just off 123. Best Thai restaurant in northern VA.

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    1. re: Mister Big

      We like Paya Thai a lot and if you are into wine, note that it has been recognized by Wine Spectator for its wine list -- pretty good for a humble strip mall ethnic joint.

    2. I wouldn't go so far to call Paya Thai the best in NoVA but its certainly my favorite Thai place in that immediate area.

      Definite YES on Colvin Run.

      You also have your choice of various chain upscale steakhouses around there, including a Morton's. I tried Fleming's, which is in the Roy's/Bonefish/Carrabbba's etc corporation, and found it to be surprisingly very good. Don't be put off by its location at the bottom of the courtyard by Marriot.

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        Colvin Run is very good and if you like oysters, they have a Oysters 5 Ways appetizer which is excellent.

      2. Shamshiry for Persian kebabs. A nice place filled with discerning Persian families. Starters of torshi, mast-o-keer, bamidjan, plus go for one of the fancy rice dishes. The one with cherries is my favorite.

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        1. re: Steve

          ditto on shamshiry. Can't walk but about a 5 minute drive across the hummer dealer.

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            how could i forget Shamshiry? Definitely a good place to go

          2. The Greek Taverna in McLean is very good Greek restaurant that is a very short drive away.

            1. Why not go to DC? Maybe you have kids in tow, or have a compelling reason to stay out that way (business, etc.), but personally I find the Tyson's soulless and painful to get around in. Maybe I've just had bad experiences, but the whole area seems like a suburban consumer wasteland. Maybe someone out there could fill me in on the good stuff? The Persian place recommended above does sound good though. Don't mean to sound grumpy, but I had to spend the day there today and it was not pleasant...

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              1. re: Procrastibaker

                I think you're right on the money for an overall experience. If coming from out of town for anything but direct business in a specific spot (which may be the case here), DC or at least Arlington is where to stay (unless you have friends). However, for those of us that are here, there certainly are chow worthy spots in Tyson's, McLean and Vienna, including especially those places that can claim all three locations.