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Sep 8, 2006 08:38 PM

Memphis BBQ

Oh barbeque fanatics of chowhound, where can i get good Memphis BBQ in LA? don't say The Pig--while they turned me on to the crust-sauce on the side style of ribs, they weren't very good, lacking in passion, AND VASTLY OVERPRICED. i think i paid $17 for 5 teeny rubs, some eh sides and a beverage (you can pay 5 bucks less at uncle andre's and have too much food for 1 meal).

much appreciated

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. According to this prodigous blog JayBee's in Gardena has good Memphis style ribs. There may be a few other good joints listed, but because this blog is HUGE I didn't search it completely.

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      1. re: DiveFan

        Good bbq blog, focused on Orange County. Thanks for the link.

        1. re: nosh

          Actually, many of his posts are LA county with a few in Riverside and San Bernardino IIRC. Almost all of the Q joints he recommends are in LA county and, I believe, NONE behind the Orange Curtain.

        2. re: DiveFan

          Jaybee's owners are related somehow to Neely's Interstate BBQ in Memphis. I like Jaybee's beef ribs better than their pork ribs, which I find ironic. Memphis is more of a pork rib town.

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            How ironic the second review is Memphis Bar-B-Q Company.

          2. What are Menphis style ribs? There is Boneyard Bistro on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks and a great bar-b-q place in Chino on Riverside Drive called Joey's Bar B Q off the 60

            1. What kind of Memphis style do you want? Wet or dry ribs? Or are you looking for the pulled/chopped pork?

              1. ozzygee--

                i'm looking for dry ribs. any suggestions?

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                  Unfortunately, aside from the Pig, I don't really know of any places that call themselves Memphis BBQ.

                  That said, Zeke's Smokehouse has two locations, in WeHo and Montrose (north of Glendale) that serves many styles of BBQ. It's the type of place I like to think of as a 'theory of BBQ' joint, since, unless they have had past lives, there's no way anyone has the experiential learning to master all the regional styles. I guess they're trying to be everything to everyone.

                  Anyway, I've only been there once and had the brisket (which is Texas style, my favorite for beef). It was good enough, but not as good as Canyon City in Azusa. (A good backup, though.)

                  My friend had the pulled pork which they serve up North Carolina style. I'm not crazy about the mustard sauce, but the pork itself was really good.

                  To make a really long story short , they serve all of their ribs dry (even the St. Louis kind). And they have Memphis babybacks on the menu.