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Sep 8, 2006 08:28 PM

More on the Ohio Restaurant

It seems like everytime I go to this place, a newspaper article gets published about it. (not MY eating there, just the restaurant itself)

Four Chowhounds joined me for a plentiful and mostly delicious lunch. Can't go wrong with any of the main selections: meatloaf, turkey wings, smothered pork chops, and fried fish filet. The breading on the fish and the pork chops is great. Double exclamation points on the very crispy and salty pork chops. Not much service available, so we reached into the fridge ourselves for a big bottle of tangy hot sauce.

Meatloaf was served without the delicious sweet n' spicy red gravy used in the cooking, unfortunately. In fact, the meal was not overall as spicy as when the cook (the husband of the owner)is there in the evening. Gummy mac n'cheese is the only side to avoid.

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    1. Ohio Restaurant and Bar is located at 1380 H St. NE (202-399-9279) and as Steve indicated, the restaurant was mentioned in the Weekend section of today's Washington Post. The focus of the article is the upcoming corridor - the Atlas District (several blocks on H Street Northeast). The Ohio blurb is in the last part of the article and can be found at:

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      1. re: Lydia R

        > as Steve indicated, the restaurant was mentioned in the Weekend section of today's Washington Post

        In the post above, Steve says there was an article, but didn't say what paper (or what city, although I figured it was likely to be DC since I didn't recognize the name).

        There must have been another thread that I missed. Sorry.

      2. the Mac&cheese used to be excellent.It was crisp & very cheesy.I agree something has changed about it. Do try their fried chicken too.

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          They must be using the Horace & Dickies recipe from down the street: hot macaroni, eggs, pregrated cheddar, all kept in a steamer pot. At least Levi's on 8th is still doing it proper: a blend of cheeses and baked for a crispy, crackly crust.

          Will have to give Ohio a try when I'm not in the mood for the 4-piece fish sandwich.

        2. The original comment has been removed