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Sep 8, 2006 08:28 PM

Chocolate cookbook

Anyone know a great chocolate cookbook. I'm looking for something that would have high quality recipies for truffles, mousse, souffle, cakes and pies, etc. Thanks.

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  1. Weird. No more than 20 minutes ago, I purchased this book for my friend Ilana:

    We must be having a chocolate mind-meld.

    1. Maida Heatter's Book of Great Chocolate Desserts. A favorite, ecently reprinted after being out of print for a while. I am not sure if the new edition has been redesigned- mine has simple illustrations, but the recipes have been fabulous.

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        I like that one too. Also, Chocolate Desserts by Pierre Herme for fancier things.

      2. Marcel Desaliner's Death By Chocolate, also his Desserts to Die For are both good. I often turn to The Joy of Chocolate too

        1. I use Bittersweet by Alice Medrich a lot -- great recipes and easy to follow.

          1. I second Bittersweet. Excellant truffle and brownie recipes. As well as everything else. I lost my copy and I have been pining for it ever since.