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Sep 8, 2006 07:57 PM

Ranch 99 Market

I have been wanting to go check this market out..and may go tonight. Are there any "must buy" items that I should check out?

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  1. I think the appeal of Ranch 99 is more that its stock is comprehensive than that it's unique. However, one cool thing is the fish frying service. You can choose your own whole (even live) fish, and they'll fry it for you for a nominal charge. Can't get much fresher than that!

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    1. re: Ruth Lafler

      Well, I guess I had it in my head that this place was more than what it is. I was expecting a deli or hot food area where I could buy some dim sum and other asian entrees. I did pick up some oils and sauces and I would go back but it was less than what I had hoped it would be. That is what I get for assuming :)

      1. re: Tari

        The one in San Diego has a Chinese fast food area, Vietnamese fast food and dim sum area, and an area where you can get coffees, teas, fruit ices/desserts and soups made to order, as well as a bakery and fish frying service.

        I did notice on the free calender I get each year that some are "Licensee Stores" versus company owned....

    2. If Ranch 99 is the only Asian market in your area, check out the sauce isle to see bottled sauces for any Asian dish. Lee Kum Kee has made Asian cooking too easy.

      The live fish and shell fish tank is always interesting.

      1. It's actually called 99 Ranch.

        Second on the live tanks.

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        1. re: Robert Lauriston

          Thank you Robert. The signage, the shopping carts, the website...they all are 99Ranch....and everyone I know calls it Ranch 99 and for the life of me I do not understand why.

          Fresh veggies and fruits always good prices. The one in San Diego has fresh, hot soy milk and tofu delivered daily before 10 am. Its a display in front of the milk case. The bakery has something on special weekly...and its all baked in store.

          1. re: Cathy

            I'm pretty pleased by the quality of the fruits and vegetables there, too. I really like the white peaches. My local branch sells many of the vegetables pre-rinsed and bagged.

            1. re: Cathy

              Most of the people I know (those who live in Northern California) call it Ranch 99, too... Those in Souther California, call it by it's real name - 99 Ranch.

              1. re: Foodrat

                Actually, us "southerners" in California call it "Tawa" ...

                1. re: ipsedixit

                  True, but its the whole 'Ranch 99' versus what is written *everywhere* that makes me crazy....

          2. Like Ruth said, it's more comprehensive than unique. At least in the Bay Area there are better places to get fresh produce, although maybe not as cheap (e.g. I always get my Hawaiian papayas there). The fish frying service is good, and roast duck and pork is cheap and handy for quick dinners, although I could not find any whole uncooked ducks with legs (but I did find ducklings without)! They also carry more Filipino food items than anywhere, aside from Filipino specialty stores.

            I'd stay away from the live shellfish, though. Cheap, but you don't want to risk quality with something like that.

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            1. re: coolbean98

              Never had a problem with the shellfish from 99 Ranch. Now, Shun Fat, on the other hand... yiiiiiiikes.

              Asian produce, especially the herbs -- where else can you get ngo gai so cheaply??

              Thai curry pastes; fresh dou fu fa, just heat up the tofu.

              Skip the hot-food section, it's pretty nasty in most places.

              1. re: coolbean98

                The point is the fish is alive. ant get much fresher than that. I have never had trouble with their shellfish

                1. re: coolbean98

                  Note that "live" does not always mean "healthy".

                  1. re: coolbean98

                    For shellfish, live is healthier than dead.

                    1. re: MVNYC

                      Well, sure, for everything live is healthier than dead! But for fish (not shellfish) it's better to aim for something than just the fish not being dead.

                      Anyways, the point I was making was that my local 99 Ranch often has a high population of dead shellfish in the bins, so I prefer to go somewhere like Tokyo Fish Market for that.

                2. My local 99 Ranch has a barrel of fish parts for 49 cents a pound. Where else can you get a deal like that?