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Sep 8, 2006 07:54 PM

Organic Express/SPUD

I was a loyal customer of Organic Express for years, but I am SOOO disappointed in SPUD. The quality is just not there (although the prices are still high).

Is this just me? Others also having this problem? I love that it is delivered to my door, but it's just not worth it.

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    1. Are you in Calgary? We actually have had better experiences with SPUD than with Organic Express- I did not like how OE would sometimes give us a box with 40 carrots or filled, and I mean stuffed, with more onions than we use in a year. SPUD give us way more variety, decent prices on packaged items (like juice, cereal and soy milk), and they are quick to process refunds in cases where we get stuff that's past its prime. I like them.

      1. I discontinued my service with SPUD for the summertime as I prefer to peruse the market stalls while produce is in abundance, but my expeirence with them has always been excellent. They were very responsive, accommodating: when something is not available, they would automatically credit the account and sometimes throw in something else on the house. I will definitely call upon their services again this winter.

        1. We used SPUD for a little while and they certainly were accommodating with refunds. Our main problem with it was that there were good weeks and bad weeks in terms of quality, which defeated our goal of not spending time out shopping as we would end up shopping during the bad weeks.

          1. I am in Seattle and I having used the service for a few weeks, I can vehemently say STAY AWAY FROM THEM! Every week there was a problem. When I received the last fateful $90 order that was left in the rain to spoil, I immediately contacted them. Spud! refused to even respond to my email or refund, I said enough. I was referred to spud! from another client who had used Pioneer Organics (of which spud! had taken over) who also noticed the recent an increase in bad produce, outrageous prices and rotten customer service. Great concept, bad implementation...too bad considering that spud! has bought up Organic Express because now there are less competitors. Rather sad to see the negative elements of blatant capitalism take over the organic market especially when spud! promotes themselves as having "a for-profit business with the heart of a nonprofit".

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              I have been considering trying SPUD on Vancouver Island. How is the experience in this location? Is SPUD better for some products than others?

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                My ex-neighbour used Spud-it's a long story but I got a look @ what they delivered-not at all impressed wouldn't ever consider them (that's in Vancouver.)