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Sep 8, 2006 07:45 PM

Worcester Breakfast Place?

Hi, any tips for a good breakfast place in Worcester, for tomorrow AM? Closer to Downtown and the east side vs the west side of Worcester (don't know neighborhood names there - but starting off close to 290 on 122). TIA!

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  1. Last weekend my girlfriend and I went to The Parkway - a nice diner on Shrewsbury street. There is some contention here on chowhound as to whether it's better than the Boulevard Diner across the street (search older posts). I personally can't comment on Boulevard since I haven't been.

    The Parkway I found had quite good diner food. I love the bread they use for toast -- nice n fresh. Homefries were made on the spot right in front of us from raw red potatoes mmMM. Eggs were made perfectly to order. They close at 1pm for breakfast on saturdays (not sure other days).

    Another I was thinking of going to based on other chowhound recommendations is the Gold Star Restaurant on West Boylston Drive/Rt12 (right near to Gold Star Boulevard). I know it was a bit tricky to find exactly where it was, and I can't state exactly where, but if you drive around that small area, you'll find it (maybe a fellow chowhounder can confirm the location? I think both google maps and yahoo maps beta aren't quite right on it's location). I haven't been there, but it sounded interesting from the limited information I found.
    Can other chowhounders that have been there give a report on it?

    For something a bit fancier, I have heard good things from fellow chowhounders and non-chowhounders about Cafe Zia - also on Shrewsbury street (but again, haven't been there).

    Basically, in general, if you're undecided as to a place to go for a meal in worcester, Shrewsbury St. is a great place to go -- many options, many of them are good (check other threads for more info on other shrewsbury street locations).

    Parkway diner map links -- boulevard is across the street: (same as above, but in a more compact form)

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      I live near the Gold Star Restaurant, and oh I wish I liked it more, but the bacon & eggs are the only really good thing here (for me). They boast a great corned beef hash, but it's too mushy and not enough meat. Pancakes are a disaster, you can actually taste the baking soda. I thought it was a fluke, but got the same bad taste 2 weeks later.

      Coffee is of the old canned variety - no 2nd cup for me.

      Too bad.

    2. The Kenmore, right where the big fire was, off 290 at 122. Great diner style, nothing fancy.

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        Thanks for the recs everyone. Went with the Kenmore, it was closest to where I needed to be. It was, as promised, good diner food. I like a place that has kielbasa on the breakfast menu. Will keep the other recs for future reference.

      2. Lou Roc's Diner, Route 12 aka West Boylston St. North end of the city, almost in West Boylston.
        Try the Irish Benedict with the home made hash.

        1. Zia's Grill, which is attached to Scano's Bakery on Shrewsbury St., has very creative and delicious breakfasts, and is a good choice whether you want classic diner fare or some more creative things (stuffed french toast, fritattas, etc.)

          When breakfasting in Worcester, be sure to consider the classic Worcester "Italian breakfast" with eggs (preferably over easy), homefries, and Italian sausage smothered in red sauce, served with a stack of Italian toast.

          1. Annie's on Main. Damn good omelet. It's a dive, but a good one.