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Who makes the best SNICKERDOODLE cookie?

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I'm looking for a great Snicker doodle cookie that is chewy and buttery. Do any bakeries out there make a great version that would pass for one made by a mom or grandma?

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  1. Diddy Reise in Westwood has a cinnamon-ish cookie that is close to a snickerdoodle. Put some raspberry jam on it and it is really fantastic. Plus the cookies are something like 25 cents.

    1. they are now $0.35. ;)

      1. Gonna sound weird...but I think Koo Koo Roo has a fantastic one...

        1. Marmalade Cafe.

          1. Clementine's in Century City. Pricier than at Diddy Riese, but much better.

            1. shmerties on oean park blvd. near the counter

              1. Thank you so much - I'll work my way through all of these!