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Sep 8, 2006 07:34 PM

Who makes the best SNICKERDOODLE cookie?

I'm looking for a great Snicker doodle cookie that is chewy and buttery. Do any bakeries out there make a great version that would pass for one made by a mom or grandma?

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  1. Diddy Reise in Westwood has a cinnamon-ish cookie that is close to a snickerdoodle. Put some raspberry jam on it and it is really fantastic. Plus the cookies are something like 25 cents.

    1. they are now $0.35. ;)

      1. Gonna sound weird...but I think Koo Koo Roo has a fantastic one...

          1. Clementine's in Century City. Pricier than at Diddy Riese, but much better.