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Sep 8, 2006 07:31 PM

Fresh Uni/Sea Urchin in Tomales Bay/Bodega Bay?

Does anyone have a source for a fisherman or seafood shop in Tomales Bay or Bodega Bay that sells sea urchins? We'll be eating our way through Tomales Bay and it would be great to come home with urchins too.

I've read there's a sea urchin processor in Ft. Bragg, but that's another 3+ hours north...

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  1. while definitely not in the tomales bay area, they had live sea urchins at "new may wah" on clement at 8th ave. they were very pretty looking, with moving spines and what-not.

    what do you do with them?

    you did mention bringing them back.. so this way they wouldn't have to travel very far, especially if "back" is in san francisco.)

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    1. re: kairo

      Thanks for the tip. Two weekends ago I saw them at New May Wah, but all the spines were broken and they didn't look very perky; I assumed since they were there that there may be more local direct sources these days. I think I'll just have to visit more regularly and grab them when they look good.

      I just found another post from 4 years ago about the fish market in half moon bay near 92--anyone have more recent experience there?

      1. re: SteveG

        Which HMB fish market? My favorite went out of business, the one in the Princeton Harbor is unlikely to carry sea urchin and the one on 92, though I think is interesting, gets a lot of thumbs down from locals.

        If it is just fresh sea urchin rather than location, repost the query. Some people with good sources might not open a Tomales Bay post. I'd be surprised though if you could find it in HMB.