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1st Ave around 17th street - where to eat?

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Not too fancy not too hip - just comfort and good eats.

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  1. Petite Abeille. I haven't beent to the 1st Ave location, but I've been to the others, and the food would fit the bill.

    1. Quigley's, 17th or 18th and first.
      On 20th & 1st is a Belgium joint - suppose to be pretty good.
      If you go to 3rd and 20th try Barfly.

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        Belgian joint is Petite Abeille.

      2. Second and 19th has a good Italian...can't recall the name.
        Posto for thin crust pizza on Second and 18th. Better than most.
        Third Avenue and Irving Place have more of a selection:
        Rolf's (German) on 22nd and Third
        Molly's for burgers
        Pasta place corner of 22/Third
        Pete's Tavern 18th and Irving
        Friend of a Farmer 19th/20th and Irving

        1. Only ones I like that have been mentioned are Petite Abielle, Posto and Molly's though I've never been to Quigley's. Pongsri is pretty good Thai across from Posto on 2nd.

          1. You could also try Bao Noodles between 22nd and 23rd on 2nd Av. and the new location of Chickpea on 14th St. between 2nd and 3rd (I believe).

            1. Mumbles Restaurant on 17th Street & 3rd Avenue (212)477-6066 is exactly what you describe: not too hip, comfortable and decent eats. They attract a neighborhood crowd and also offer a pre-fixe special from about 5 to 7 p.m.

              Piccolo Italian Restaurant on 19th Street & 3rd Avenue (212) 420-0600 is a small intimate place that I enjoy when I'm in that area.

              You might want to also see what's below 14th Street & 1st Avenue. There are lots of small restaurants. Around 12th Street & 1st Avenue is a Polish restaurant on the west side of the street (can't remember the name) which has a back garden that has excellent blintzes and soups.

              Hope this helps.