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Sep 8, 2006 07:18 PM

Ohio Brunch with a view

We like to take a day trip in October to somewhere with great fall foliage views where we can have brunch and spend the afternoon. In the past we have gone to Malabar Farms, Hocking Hills. Doesn't have to be big expansive buffet brunch, but good food is a requirement. We usually do this on a Sunday, so the Amish chicken places are not open. Looking for a drive about 2-2.5 hours from Columbus, with some antique shopping, sightseeing, tourist stuff starting with brunch. Something besides another big city (no Cleveland, Cincy, etc.) Hiking is not an option for orthopedic reasons, but we could canoe or rent a boat as well. Any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. id suggest you head west and hang out around yellow springs. besides the places in ys utself like WINDS, TRAILS TAVERN & HAHA PIZZA, etc you might want stop in YOUNGS DAIRY or maybe first go early for brunch to the pretty CLIFTON MILL, great views there.

    a ride se to athens on rt33 would be another trip. there are antique shops, a hillside diner along the way, even good milkshakes in i think it was nelsonville, but i cant remember the name of the place. lunch at the INN AT CEDAR FALLS near logan would be perfect. athens has some good food too, i dk about views, but its a very pretty campus setting.

    finally, there is a very casual tavern on buckeye lake w/ nice views and outdoor picnic table seating too if that grabs you. they had food as i recall.

    i hope that helps inspire. please report back!

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      I have to second The Winds. Their brunch menu is great and Yellow Springs is such a cute town. It has a real hippie feel to it and wonderful pottery for sale, a lot of it made by the Antioch students. Some if it is pretty expensive, but it's beautiful. There is also a great bike path in Yellow Springs on the Rails to Trails system, and you can rent bikes at the trail head. Eating at The Winds alone is worth the trip - check out the menu: I have heard that Clifton Mill is just so-so, but have never been able to leave The Winds to actually try it for myself. Young's Dairy Farm is also nearby - local landmark for ice cream and its petting zoo. Their milkshakes are great.

    2. MrNYC, been to the Hocking Hills lots & lots, yes, the Inn at Cedar Falls is great for dinner. They don't do brunch, only lunch time sandwiches. But you got me thinking - I wonder if the Grouse Nest Restaurant does brunch? I will have to call them. Have never been to Yellow Springs or the Antioch campus. that sounds interesting. What is Clifton Mill like? It sounds familiar to me. Thanks!

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        oh its been awhile so i guess we went for lunch then at the inn.

        clifton mills is charming for breakfast/lunch. its a working mill too, get the pancakes, they grind their own flour. great views. heres the website:

        the way to go is to drive west from columbus of course, but instead of on I-70 go the parallel southern route along rt42. you go west to cedarville, then north to clifton. yellow springs is on the other side of john bryan state park from clifton. the park is a real beaut. i'd go for breakfast at CM, maybe go to the park, and then poke around/lunch in yellow springs. we did that little daytrip often from columbus.