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Sep 8, 2006 07:05 PM

San Diego This Weekend

Hi all. I am going to San Diego (from LA) this weekend to meet a friend from New York who is there at a conference. I will be there at 1 pm on Saturday until 6pm on Sunday. I have very little experience in San Diego so I need recommendations. We are staying at the Westgate Hotel (1055 2nd I believe). Saturday we wanted a relaxing brunch/lunch with bloody marys. Water adjacent would be nice, but not necessary. I know we will also want tacos or some kind of mexican. Generally we are looking for fun places to hang out and catch up. Oh and prices need to be low to moderate.

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Well, here's a good reference for brunches:


    As far as Mexican, and assuming you have a car and don't need to stay downtown, you might want to head up to Hillcrest and try either Chilango's (more Central American than Mexican) or Mama Testa's (all things taco!). Both of these places are small, but do have some outdoor seating.

    1. The Cass Street Bar is always good. The have a fantastic salads with chicken or ahi. Their mini red skin taters with cheese are great. The place is organized kaos, but the food is good and the crowd is fun to watch.