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Sep 8, 2006 06:28 PM

Romantic Dinner for Two This Weekend- (Italian??)

Looking for a nice-ish romantic restaurant. I've heard the Italian restaurants are off the charts there, but we have 2 dinners there so it would be nice to try something else as well. We're staying in Copely Sq. but are willing to taxi to any fabulous destination. Any Ideas?

Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. For a cozy, romantic Italian spot, I would choose Sage in the North End. Great atmosphere and delicious food. For food that is fabulous and inventive, I would go to Clio or Uni in the Eliot Hotel. For somewhat overpriced but very delicious French bistro type food, I would try Hamersley's in the South End (and get the roast chicken). For a casual neighborhood spot that has a delicious burger, I would head to 75 Chestnut in Beacon Hill.

    Have a great visit.

    1. For romantic Italian in the North End, I like Carmen. I love Sage, but I'm in the camp that thinks it's small and charming, but not romantic. Carmen has the same close tables, but more cozy with the wood, brick, and candelight. But I agree with Lissy, Sage has a great atmosphere and delicious food.

      1. Davio's might have some open tables tonight, but you would need to call ahead. Wonderful restaurant.

        1. By far, the most ronatic restaurant in the North End is Mamma Maria - overlooking North Square. They have several small and intimate dining rooms and I think there is one that has but one table and overlooks North Square and the Paul Revere House. They have a web page which may describe the dining rooms - you will need reservations and a pretty healthy wallet.

          Another nice spot is MarcO's on Hanover Street which is an upstairs place with excellent reasonably priced food. Not quite as intimate as MM but a really lovely alternative. Sage is great but you will sit very close to dining neighbors. Carmen is great too.

          Let us know what you settle upon.

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            For romance, I agree w/the Mamma Maria rec. It's ESPECIALLY romantic if you can snag one of the upstairs window-side tables. And the food is very good; not a reflection of the cheesy name.

          2. Just a difference of opinion, but I think great chow makes for the most romantic restaurant. I've wooed at East Coast Grill, which is far from the typical "romantic" destination, but then I am clearly wired through the sense of taste and smell, not so much the visuals.

            Reminds me of the Justin Wilson line: "People ask me, what kind of wine should have with such-and-such dish? I tell them 'Whatever kind of wine you like!'"

            I might humbly suggest that, on one of the two nights, you go to the place that you think will have your absolutely most favorite food to share with your special someone, whatever the setting.