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new foodie show coming to PBS


I saw this on Louise Chu's blog:

She worked on No Reservations last season.

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  1. I can't wait for Ruth Reichl's show, Diary of a Foodie. She is really just consistantly terrific.

    PBS scores again. Too bad Food Network doesn't go for quality anymore.


    1. No s..t. I look forward to watching!

      1. Wow- I wish we could see this up in Canada. Sigh- pls. let me know what it's like....

        1. I didn't find another thread on this show, Diary of a Foodie, but I caught it last night on our PBS station in Boston and it's great. Last night's episode was about china/chinese food/chinese cooking, and spanned the topic from the best duck in Beijing to home-style meals in the countryside to Ruth Reichl's overview of common chinese ingredients for the pantry. It's quite smart and beautifully shot, as you might imagine a Gourmet-produced show would be. I enjoyed the pace, the different topics presented, and especially the sensitive approach to translating and interpretation for westerners -- it was intimate and real but I didn't feel like I was eavesdropping on a conversation or being treated to an Epcot/Disney view of China.

          Anyone else seen it? Thoughts?

          1. I saw it and enjoyed it too. It wasn't the same old, same old about China. I thought it was a little bit rushed because of the short 30 minute slot but gave a lovely feel of what food means to the average rural family. Watching them wrap zhong zi made my husband sit up and look, he'd never seen them made before and was impressed at the dexterity it took.

            1. I caught the show on our local PBS station and was a little disappointed. The pacing, editing, and music didn't quite work for me. I think I missed the first min. where they introduced the show, so I was confused as to whose perspective it was from. Ie, who is the foodie typing on that keyboard or is that supposed to be an abstract persona?

              I did like the focus on Chinese food and "foodies". Liked watching the zong zi being made and wanted to jump in there myself! That duck looked delicious, but I believe the place was already featured on No Reservations on the Travel Channel. Sometimes these shows all go to the same popular places when I'd rather they would just find some undiscovered place and tell their story.

              I'll tune in to see what's next...

              1. I was really looking forward to watching this program after reading about it on Louisa Chu's blog www.moveable-feast.com but my local PBS station in Chicago isn't carrying it :-(

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                  I think WYCC in Chicago is airing it starting this Sunday (Oct 22) at 2:30pm (maybe 3:30pm). Check to be sure... -Rob

                2. I enjoyed the program about China. And there's a minimum of Ruth Reichel. The show is better than the magazine is these days.

                  1. I watched the show on Italy last night. It was great.

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                      I'm digging it too. I happened to catch episode 2 on Saturday afternoon -- science of food with Harold McGee and that wacky Spaniard from the mini-bar in DC. Then last night's Italy episode made me feel I'm living my life in the wrong place. I'm sad to say I find Ruth to be really hard to take, even in the 5 minute segments she does. She just seems smug. Anyway I think it's the best food show I've seen in a really long time.